About Simpplr

Founded in 2014, we're a company of twenty-six people passionate about cultivating happy and productive workplaces. With headquarters in Milpitas, California and employees in San Francisco, London, and New Delhi, we understand the urgency companies feel to eliminate geographic and cultural barriers to employee communication. We draw on our passion, experience, and customer feedback to deliver an employee community platform that’s loved by industry leaders such as Workday, Box, Hortonworks, Pure Storage, and Eurostar.

How it started

We didn’t simply decide one day to create the world’s most delightful employee community, but we didn’t need much persuading either. When a long-time client and cloud leader in HR software asked us to provide them with an employee community experience that was simple yet powerful, we discovered that one didn’t exist. So we decided to build it.

In fact, companies everywhere are struggling with internal communication. With workforces scattered across the globe and no simple way to connect, it’s easy to see how individuals and teams can come to feel isolated. People out of sync with each other threaten a company’s future.

We worked closely with our client to create a feature-rich employee community that’s easy to use and manage. Our out-of-the-box solution is built entirely on the Salesforce platform, so it’s secure, reliable, and runs on all devices, enabling employee success anywhere, anytime. It’s also fully customizable and requires little to no training. It’s simply Simpplr.

Our Values

Our core values guide our mission, shape our culture,
and define the kind of company we want to be.

  • Act with integrity
  • Go beyond
  • Make heroes
  • Be humble
  • Embrace simplicity
  • Celebrate

Be honest, ethical, and always do what is right.

Continually stretch beyond your comfort zone to achieve extraordinary results.

Mentor, encourage, and support the greatness of others, inside and outside of the company.

Never let ego or self-interest get in the way. Everybody has something to learn.

Seek to continually simplify and improve our processes, procedures, products, and activities.

Have fun. Reward excellence. Celebrate personal achievements and company success.

"It's super rewarding to work with such a diverse team of talented and passionate people who are always focused on the company mission."

Joe Holdcroft

"I really appreciate the rewarding, friendly and flexible work environment at Simpplr. It is a great place to work with talented people, great leadership and outstanding collaborative culture."

Ashish Narang

"Great company to work in. I love our team, the start up culture, and everyone has the same goal of making the company successful. Unlimited vacation and fully covered benefits are always are plus :-)"

Chris Leung

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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