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  • Why Simpplr’s Social Intranet is built on Salesforce

    “Why is Simpplr built on Salesforce?” I was meeting with a prospect last week and the internal communications person asked, “Why are you guys built on Salesforce?” It turned out…

    January 24,2017
  • Come Dream(force) with Us

    Dreamforce 2016 starts next week, and you won’t want to miss our sessions with renowned partners Salesforce, Box, Third Rock Ventures and more, so save a spot on your agenda!…

    September 23,2016
  • Making Cultural Transparency Happen

    Transparency is a core company value at Simpplr. Our goal is to share as much information as possible amongst ourselves so we can all be more effective. We want to…

    September 16,2016
  • How to Be an Intranet Team of One (and Remain Calm)

    Being in charge of an intranet is a great job and amazing opportunity to be on the forefront of the digital workplace revolution. Admittedly we’re a little biased, but most…

    September 02,2016
  • Conducting an Annual Intranet Satisfaction Survey

    One of the secrets of an effective intranet is having a solid understanding of the information needs of your employees. What sort of information do they need to carry out…

    August 19,2016
  • On a Mission to Enable Employee Success

    We get asked all the time, “What do you guys do?” The question seems straightforward, and it would be easy to respond that Simpplr sells a social intranet product to…

    August 12,2016
  • Helping Employees Find What They Need On Your Intranet

    One of the fundamental roles of the intranet is to help employees find the everyday information they need, as quickly and easily as possible. An intranet where employees can’t find…

    July 29,2016
  • 8 Ways to Give Your Intranet a Personality

    Let’s be honest: Many corporate intranets are pretty boring. The intranet might be useful, it might have a couple of cool features, but at best it’s still a slightly stuffy…

    July 08,2016
  • 13 Essential Components of Social Intranet Governance

    In the intranet world you’ll hear a lot about governance and how it’s important. Governance can be defined as the policies, processes, structures, roles and rules which allow your social…

    June 24,2016
  • How an Intranet Can Support Your Managers

    Within any enterprise, managers form an important community, which has well-defined needs and activities. But it’s not always easy being a manager. There’s pressure on them to achieve particular targets,…

    June 10,2016