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[Governance Webinar Recap] How KAR Auction Services’ Intranet connects 17000 distributed employees

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January 28, 2019




Last week, we had the opportunity to partner with our very own customer to present a webinar titled, KAR Auctions Services: How KAR’s intranet connects 17,500 distributed employees. We had the Senior Director of Internal Communications and intranet expert with us, Susan Jablonski. We walked through the importance of governance, purpose, and KAR Auction Services’ approach to intranet strategy success.

This webinar covered the challenges and successes of governance in a highly distributed workforce and Susan’s approach to governance. Susan shared a lot of valuable information that is not outlined in this post, so make sure you watch the full webinar.

Here is a glimpse of what was covered in the webinar:

Intranet Governance – what is it?

Intranet governance sounds like a complex topic, and in some ways, it can be. By definition:

“Intranet governance” refers to a set of policies and an administrative structure that enables decision-making and planning processes. Governance allows your intranet to sustain ongoing meaningful internal communications.

Poor intranet governance is the number one reason for intranet failure!

It’s why this topic is so important! For more information, download Simpplr Research: Why Intranets Fail.

The most common impediment that many teams face initially when deploying an intranet is unclear decision-making roles and processes.

A Successful Intranet Governance Framework starts with:

An intranet purpose

The key to governance and a successful intranet program starts with purpose. Clearly define what your intranet should be used for and be specific in communicating what you can expect from using the intranet.

If you don’t know the reason why your intranet exists, it’s likely that your entire organization also doesn’t know how or when to use it. In contrast, when there is a clearly defined purpose, employees and leadership will use the intranet with intent. When people understand why it influences how they use it.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Susan and her team defined their intranet’s purpose.

3T’s (for intranet governance success)


Choosing the right technology is equally as important for your intranet program’s success. Most organizations do not have a dedicated technical team to manage the intranet; many times intranet requests are passed onto the IT team for consideration. It’s a game-changer when your technology empowers content creators to move at the speed of business.


Invest the time in hands-on training your intranet contributors and managers. Investing this time will pay off in multiple ways:

  • Increases your employees’ motivation, accountability, and ownership
  • Standardizes processes, branding, and rules
  • Helps employees get over the initial fear and speeds up execution


This is the most important out of the three governance framework and it requires authentic commitment. Corral dedicated, passionate people who want to succeed together. Align your team around purpose and establish roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Measuring engagement and performance on an ongoing basis

Performance metrics are key drivers on what drives editorial content. Constantly monitor and track to see what’s working and what isn’t. Focus on your adoption rate, engagement metrics, and search analytics (ie: what are people searching for?).

A successful approach to intranet governance involves ownership, management, empowerment, and accountability.
First, handpick your core management team. Choose your connectors wisely. Once you have your team, be sure to delegate clear roles and responsibilities. Empower your team by providing a technology platform that enables everyone to move at the speed of business.

Focus on building a community

Build relationships with your team and employees. Building a community is the most powerful way to promote, engage, and scale your intranet. KAR Auction Services has proven this with 80+ Sites and growing, with over 4M views!

Don’t forget about ongoing maintenance!

Continually invest time in training, share monthly reports and analytics, and share your content!

Wrap up

This was an insightful webinar that offered a lot of best practices, ideas, and strategies for anyone looking to govern, control, manage, and enforce a successful intranet program successfully. If you weren’t able to attend but would like to view the recording, sign up to watch the on-demand video here.

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