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Chart of the Week: If corporate videos aren’t in your internal communications strategy, they should be. Here’s why.

Written by

Simpplr Research


October 15, 2019


Simpplr Research just concluded our latest research report, State of Internal Communications 2019. The goal of the survey was to gauge the state of internal communications (IC) profession and help organizations gain insights on how to improve their IC programs. This week, Simpplr Research shares insights on which types of technologies are used and why you should incorporate corporate videos as a quick win to improving your overall internal communications strategy.

use video internal communications strategy

Data Analysis: This chart shows the breakdown of organizations that use videos as an internal communications tool by the quality of an organization’s internal communication function. The breakdown shows an increasing trend of organizations using video as multimedia in their internal communications strategy. Leaders in internal communication are over 4 times more likely to use videos than laggards in their internal communication programs, and about 1.25 times more likely to use videos to promote internal communications than organizations that have above average internal communications quality. The data shows that video usage has the strongest association with the quality of internal communications out of all the technologies surveyed. While the data does not suggest a mechanism by which video usage improves internal communications, producing video shows investment in internal communications and that adding a visual aspect to communication makes it more engaging than just text.

Simpplr Research’s State of Internal Communications survey asked IC practitioners: “Which of the following [technologies] does your organization use?” The results concluded that corporate videos stood out as one of the leading drivers of internal communications. When isolating the data from organizations with leading internal communications programs, videos had the strongest correlation between the overall state of IC against other technologies. Technologies surveyed to the respondents include:

  • Emails / Email newsletters
  • Digital Signage
  • Printed Postage and Signage
  • Non-intranet Social & Messaging (e.g., Slack, Yammer)
  • Printed employee newsletters and magazines

However, videos are only 40% used across organizations. The analysis showed that videos had the most significant program separation by far. In comparing the overall state of internal communications programs, leaders were four times more likely to use corporate videos as a part of their IC strategy compared to organizations with lagging IC programs. Video usage contributes to a successful internal communications strategy.

Video increases engagement

By no means we are guaranteeing that your internal communications will drastically improve, holding all other things constant. Instead, this data identifies an opportunity for all organizations to incorporate video as another channel to amplify and communicate critical information. Because employee engagement is an indicator of overall IC program success, an increase in engagement should move the needle for IC.

Why you should use corporate videos

video internal comms strategy

Videos are remarkably powerful in communicating overall messages.
Compared to reading, they are more interesting, faster, and easier to consume from an employee’s perspective. As a result, corporate videos tend to have higher engagement from employees than other forms of communication.

  1. Videos save time. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Because humans can process messages much faster through imagery such as videos, messages are more effectively processed, saving you additional effort you’d need otherwise through text, such as email.
  2. Videos are engaging. About 90% of the total information transmitted to your brain is visual! Because of this, corporate videos are naturally more engaging than reading corporate news.
  3. Videos are more powerful. Emotions drive and connect humans. Because of this, video is the perfect outlet to express and evoke emotions to effectively communicate messages.

Six ways to use corporate videos in internal communications strategy

Here’s the good news: video production does not have to be costly or time-consuming. Here are some internal communications ideas that you can turn into videos:

  • Company mission and values
  • Training and onboarding videos
  • Product updates
  • Employee spotlights
  • CEO Updates
  • Announcements and events

To get started, Simpplr’s Definitive Intranet Content eBook provides many compelling corporate video ideas that employee communications teams have used to spur engagement.

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