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2019 Analyst Research by Gartner Sees Rise of Modern Intranet Platforms

Written by

Hani Khan



January 29, 2020



Analyst firm, Gartner, released a report ‘Traditional Intranets Are Dead – Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well’ highlighting modern technologies in the digital workplace that enhance employee experiences. In part one of a two-part series, this report focuses on the technologies and content processes to address a stale, outdated intranet. See why modern intranet platforms are on the rise.

Simpplr is today’s modern employee intranet, a term we’ve been using since 2017, to help companies connect their workforce by streamlining internal communications and forging employee connections. As a leader in the modern intranet space, Simpplr serves leading companies across multiple industries including financial services, retail, and healthcare with more than 100k+ users worldwide.

“A modern employee intranet serves as the virtual headquarters for all employees made easy with a rich and simple interface and experience,” says Dhiraj Sharma, founder, and CEO of Simpplr. “We believe the power of Simpplr lies in its stunning user experience, integration with world-class cloud-based technologies while providing the richest digital experience across web and mobile to connect employees.”

According to this Gartner research, “Many traditional intranets are stale and outdated – and many are essentially dead – but modern intranets have evolved to be a key ingredient in digital workplace strategies. If your intranet is in disuse, it’s high time you evolved it into a modern one.”

Simpplr provides an unmatched, immersive user experience so that employees can use it without training and is easy to administer. The modern intranet platform integrates with the leading cloud-based technologies and is built with intelligent technology including the industry’s first Auto-Governance Engine which helps auto-archive and surface intranet content that is going stale to prevent intranets from becoming content dumping grounds.

According to Gartner, “The modern intranet provides the ability to integrate and aggregate the content, applications and tools needed in a digital workplace. While traditional intranets are dead or dying, modern intranets are alive and well, and serve as a vital ingredient for achieving your digital workplace goals.”

We believe the Gartner report is a good read for internal communicators and IT professionals alike. It defines the various challenges of traditional intranets, how to maximize the benefit of a digital workplace and key selection criteria for a modern intranet platform.

Don’t miss the opportunity to download your complimentary copy of the Gartner Report. It will only be available for a short period of time.

Gartner Traditional Intranets Are Dead — Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well: Part 1 , Gene Phifer , 29 November 2019

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