ROI of IC Series: The Beauty of Internal Communications and ROI

By Hani Khan
A big part of internal communications is engaging, informing and aligning the organization’s employees but it’s equally important to get buy-in from your executive leadership. Our ROI on Internal Communications Series focuses on how to make a successful business case to get sign off from your organization’s leadership team on key initiatives.

Many IC practitioners, as the primary user persona for modern intranets, have felt frustration not having a strategic seat at the table. According to Simpplr Research’s State of Internal Communications 2021, COVID-19, ironically, has helped elevate the importance of this function, but there are still gains to be made.

Internal communicators are in the perfect position to show strategic relevance:

  1. They have a front row seat to understand company goals and priorities
  2. Improved communications can contribute ROI to almost any initiative

It just takes a mindset, a keen ear to listen to what’s most important to management, and the ability to uplevel your contribution.

Aligning internal communications and corporate initiatives

Notice how intuitive it is to argue that improved communication is a critical component of these objectives:


Corporate Initiative How Internal Communications Can Impact
INCREASE REVENUE Beat the drum on strategy, goals, and how the org can achieve it
MANAGE COST Clarify cost cutting strategy and enable, clarify new processes
DIVERSIFY REVENUE STREAMS/CROSS-SELL PRODUCTS Enable and train on new product lines
INCREASE SHARE OF MARKET Collaborate to train on differentiation, winning points, and strategy
BEST SERVICE/IMPROVE NPS Share success stories, best practices, and purpose of the initiative
DIFFERENTIATE THE PRODUCT Enable and train on product differentiation
IMPROVE CUSTOMER RETENTION Outline and reiterate the strategy to get there
REDUCE ERROR RATES/IMPROVE FIRST TIME RESOLVED Build out knowledge bases, promote training, and support resources
DEVELOP LEADERSHIP ABILITIES/SUCCESSION PLANS Work with T&D. Promote stories of emerging leaders.
IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAMS Encourage network building, highlight communications
ATTRACT THE BEST PEOPLE Develop and market employee brand and culture, including improving Glassdoor scores
IMPROVE EMPLOYEE RETENTION Clarify vision, promote culture, encourage network building, etc.

Just like modern intranets can help employees make sense of too much information, your business case will need to add clarity to why investment is important. While intranets help ensure every employee receives critical communications, your business case will also need to show why the investment is needed now. Focus your argument and choose which angles work best for your organization.

As you make your case, remember the following pointers:

  1. Map your case to tangible corporate priorities
  2. Find champions in your leadership team to support the initiative
  3. Understand intranets are solutions that bring departments together. Align with these groups to build a successful case. Consciously spend time understanding their point-of-views and how a new solution may help or hurt them.
  4. Don’t try to boil the ocean! Focus your case on the few areas that will have the greatest impact.

Start making your case and try out Simpplr’s ROI calculator

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