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Employee Experience Webinars: Simpplr’s Top 3 to Watch

Written by

Amanda Pham


August 9, 2022


The term employee experience (EX) has been a trending buzzword over the last few years. But what exactly does it mean? From attracting talent to onboarding your new employees, and all the way to when an employee leaves the company–the EX considers every interaction during an employee’s life cycle. This includes the employee’s role, workspace, manager relationships, and overall well-being. 

The EX is a golden circle that makes both employees and employers successful. A great employee experience can help:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Generate more business revenue
  • Maintain happy customers
  • Improve the company overall with happy employees

Simpplr’s live EX management platform helps companies enhance their EX to make their employees happy, engaged, and productive. These are our top 3 webinars to watch to learn more about the employee experience. 

Simpplr’s Top 3 to Watch

The New Employees Experience Strategy in Everywhere Workplace

In this webinar, The New Employees Experience Strategy in Everywhere Workplace, Ivanti’s, Director of Employee Experience, Stephanie Briggs, discusses how she created an exceptional EX by sharing the organization’s challenges, solutions, and outcomes. 

Our favorite webinar takeaways include: 

  • Developed an Employee Experience Communications strategy to engage employees across four united organizations 
  • Deployed an intranet in 8 weeks with an adoption rate of 79%, 12% higher than the industry benchmark
  • Improved awareness and corporate knowledge of executive communications, company-wide meetings, and internal events
  • Gained executive buy-in and having the C-Suite leaders onboard with the project

Employee Experience and the Digital Workplace

Modern organizations are adopting a fully digital workplace or a hybrid remote model. In this webinar, Employee Experience and the Digital Workplace, Matt Aaronson, Simpplr’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, discusses these organizations’ EX challenges. 

Our favorite webinar takeaways include: 

  • The biggest challenges and obstacles that a digital workplace faces and how to overcome them 
  • The most important aspects to consider when developing an exceptional employee experience strategy 
  • Technology that is essential and tools that help measure the employee experience 
  • How HR, IC, and IT teams can create and execute projects relevant to the employee experience 

Simpplr Research Webinar: The State of Employee Experience in 2022

In this webinar, The State of Employee Experience, we share our learnings about the state of employee experience from research conducted among 410 survey participants. From survey questions that ask why organizations should invest in the EX, to how do organizations measure their EX efforts, we break down our findings into insights that matter to you. 

Our favorite webinar takeaways include: 

  • How a good EX can help yield better business outcomes with less turn-over rates and higher productivity and profitability
  • Why you should invest in EX
  • Which tools and factors can help make the adoption of employee experience better 
  • Why measuring the EX matters and how you can measure it 

Simpplr and the Employee Experience

Knowing that employees are at the center of every organization, Simpplr’s modern intranet can help improve the Employee Experience. If you want to see how Simpplr can: 

  • Drive higher employee engagement 
  • Increase employee productivity 
  • Align employees across the globe with a single source of truth 
  • Help capture and measure the EX

We recommend watching our Employee Experience and the Modern Intranet webinar too!

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