• Employee Directory

    The employee directory within Simpplr's intranet makes it easy to connect and collaborate with coworkers. Find people quickly by name, expertise, department, location, or reporting structure.

  • Personal Profiles

    Profile pages help people get to know each other, driving engagement and improving morale. Employee intranet profiles include biographies, areas of expertise, activities, and social connections.

  • Activity Feed

    Keep everyone current on critical projects, files, topics, and activities. Activity feeds allow teams to work together easily and finish tasks faster.


  • Company News

    Keep your people informed by featuring company news on their corporate intranet homepage. Employees can subscribe to whatever is important to them, and share their thoughts with likes and comments.

  • Events Calendar

    Socialize your upcoming events to encourage participation and feedback. Publish event details, including timing, location maps, organizers, and attendees.

  • Employee Blogs

    Blogs allow employees to share ideas and experiences within Simpplr's intranet. Executives, influencers, and rising stars now have an easy way to communicate across the company.

  • Photo & Video Albums

    Make your community come alive with high-quality photos and videos of employees, teams, company events, and conferences. Simpplr's social corporate intranet makes it easy to share your digital content.

  • Newsletter

    Department and team newsletters enable managers to communicate news, milestones, survey results, customer testimonials, and more to others.

  • Global Search

    Put every type of information at people’s fingertips. The intelligent search built into our desktop and mobile apps provides quick access to people, files, sites, and more—from anywhere, at any time.


  • Sites

    Easily create content-rich social workspaces for teams, departments, and communities. Choose the features and customize the look of each site—no tech skills are required.

  • Pages

    Add to your knowledge base using pre-formatted web pages that can be created by any business user. All pages are easily organized and fully searchable within Simpplr's social corporate intranet.

  • Files

    Access and share files of all types securely and easily. Integration with Box and other file sharing services is built into Simpplr's social corporate intranet. Versioning and permissions are a snap. Search is too.

  • Albums

    Bring your company culture to life by adding photo or video content. Just drag and drop to add and organize all the important moments.


  • Content Management (CMS)

    Simpplr’s built-in content management and publication workflow eliminates the possibility of mistakes by ensuring that only approved content is ever published within the intranet.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Simpplr's social corporate intranet integrates with industry-standard identity and access management platforms including Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce Identity, and Active Directory. Employees get one-click access to the company apps, right from their personal homepage.

  • Brand Editor

    Your social intranet is your employee brand. With just a few clicks, Simpplr lets you customize colors, fonts, logos, and more to bring your community to life.

  • Analytics

    Always know what content is and isn’t working on your social intranet. The analytics dashboard gives you instant insight you can act on.

  • Integrations

    We’re adding new integrations every day. Simpplr comes pre-integrated with Salesforce, Workday, Box, Vimeo, YouTube, Vidyard and other major apps. Open APIs make integrating with almost any app easy.

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