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[Gartner Report] Eight Steps for Modernizing Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace

Framework to connect companies and their workforce

For years, executives have prioritized workforce issues that intersect with IC. Growing frustrations from employees have additionally put pressure on IC to shift from one-way to two-way conversations.

Leaders are now recognizing the negative long-term impacts on the digital transformation efforts if left unaddressed.

Download Gartner’s report to identify key challenges of modernizing employee communications and learn to:

  • Adopt, formulate, construct, and execute an in-depth IC program with Gartner’s eight-step framework
  • Customize the framework that suits the current state of your organization
  • Assess technology that enables conversational engagement, shifting from activity-based efforts to outcomes

Gartner, Eight Steps for Modernizing Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace, Refreshed 5 May 2020, Published 20 November 2018, Mike Gotta, Adam Preset, Christie Struckman

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