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Six Reasons Why Simpplr is a Better Intranet for Salesforce Customers.

Simpplr, delightful social intranet

Delightful Social Intranet

Employee communication, collaboration, processes and intelligence:
everything in one place, easily accessible, available anywhere.

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Simpplr makes it easy to communicate and collaborate
with everyone in the organization.

Communicate with clarity and transparency.

Keep everyone informed, drive engagement, and align your people with your organization’s goals through open and clear communication.

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Enable easy-to-use employee communities.

Give your teams the enterprise social network they need to collaborate, communicate and share with coworkers, customers and partners.

Salesforce Social Intranet Groups

Connect employees across teams and locations.

Employee directories, reporting structures and people profiles make it easy to find and stay connected with everyone throughout the company.

salesforce social intranet employee directory

Secure access from any device, anywhere.

Elegant mobile-first design provides easy access to information anywhere, on any device, with enterprise-grade security and reliability.

salesforce social intranet mobile enabled

Employee communication just got a whole lot easier.
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