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Internal communication, knowledge
management and awesome culture.

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Communicate to achieve results

Clear and transparent communication drives employee engagement and results. Simpplr’s social intranet offers powerful tools that ensure that every employee is aligned and working toward common goals.

Connect employees, no matter where they are

Simpplr makes it easy to find and connect with people by department, location, and expertise. Learning about colleagues has never been easier or more productive.

Create and sustain your company culture

Engaged employees are critical to a company’s success and profitability. Simpplr encourages a culture of inclusiveness by giving everyone a voice and rewarding open dialogs at all levels of the organizations.

Access collective knowledge with one click

Fast, easy access to company files, documents, policies, and processes eliminates training and increases efficiency. Simpplr helps everyone become self-sufficient quickly.

A secure intranet, pre-tuned for performance

Built on the Salesforce platform for enterprise-grade security and reliability, Simpplr jumpstarts productivity by pre-integrating leading workplace apps.

Get branded web, iOS and Android
apps for your business

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