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Elevate productivity and experience with an AI-powered intranet

Elevate productivity and employee experience with an AI-powered intranet

AI is more than just a concept or the newest promising investment. It’s a silent collaborator, an always-on assistant, and an intuitive problem-solver that helps teams operate at their peak potential.

At Simpplr, we’re dedicated to finding smart ways to help you leverage AI today with solutions that enhance and elevate the employee experience, and make the workday more efficient and productive.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Get answers in seconds. Just ask.

Simpplr’s lightning-fast, AI-powered virtual assistant combines information from multiple sources to provide relevant answers and complete simple tasks in seconds. Learn more


Intelligent Search

All the information that matters to you. In one place.

Search across all your business apps – Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Confluence and more – and get trustworthy results. Simpplr combines neural and federated enterprise search to ensure the most relevant information is always at your fingertips. Learn more

Content personalization

Personalized Content Experience

Stay in the know.
Not overwhelmed.

See customized content and recommendations, tailored to your role and interests. Simpplr’s user-driven, smart personalization learns your preferences over time and fine-tunes your intranet experience. Learn more

The modern AI employee experience platform writing assistant

Writing Assistant

Say goodbye to writer’s block

Generate and customize drafts for blogs, newsletters and emails in minutes. Through the power of Generative AI, Simpplr simplifies communications to enhance productivity, and helps you communicate clearly.

Employee Sentiment

Employee Experience Insights

Keep a pulse on employee sentiment

Understand how people in your company feel at-a-glance. Simpplr analyzes employee sentiment based on their own words while maintaining anonymity – so you can take data-driven action to keep morale high and retain talent. Learn more

Our position on AI

These core principles guide our product development and AI implementations.

Simpplr is a member of

Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute

AI must be accessible
and useful

Simpplr’s AI-powered solutions help employees be more efficient and responsive to the needs of the business. Organizations realize immediate, tangible value from AI through automation, enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

AI should assist
people, not replace them

Simpplr aims to enhance the work experience by automating tedious, routine tasks and accelerating access to essential, personalized information and resources. This frees up time for people to contribute in more meaningful ways and excel in their work.

AI must respect
data privacy

Protecting customer and partner data is a top priority for Simpplr, and we adhere to stringent data privacy regulations. Please review our Privacy Policy here.

AI must be used

Simpplr aims to be transparent with customers and partners about how we develop and use AI across our platform. Our AI ethics principles act as a framework to guide product development and the use of AI in an ethical and responsible manner. 


  • What is Generative AI?

    Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) models and techniques that can generate new content in the form of text, images, audio or other data, based on patterns it learns from existing data. Generative models can create entirely new samples that resemble, but aren't identical to, the data they were trained on.  
  • Is a part of Simpplr?

    Yes, became an integral part of Simpplr’s expanding portfolio of top-tier digital workplace solutions in September 2023, reinforcing Simpplr’s dedication to transforming the employee experience. By unifying employee engagement, enablement and services using cutting-edge AI technologies, Simpplr can deliver a seamless and personalized work journey for everyone, no matter where or how they work. 
  • What’s unique about how Simpplr uses AI?

    Generative AI is used in multiple areas of the Simpplr platform. One of the unique ways we use the technology is in how we analyze the emotions of intranet users. Simpplr goes beyond simply identifying positive and negative user sentiment to helping organizations identify sentiment themes (for example, “gratitude,” “pride” or “joy”) to understand the root cause of sentiment trends and enable data-driven decisions and actions. Not only can we tell you whether employees feel positively or negatively about your organization, but what type of emotions are prevalent, and why. 

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