Simpplr is a modern intranet founded with a singular goal - to help companies become great places to work. Our customers achieve measurable value through in terms of increased productivity, employee retention, and business performance.

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Case Studies

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  • Trust for Public Land: Simpplr Intranet Software Customer
  • Future-State: Simpplr Employee Intranet Software Customer
  • Vitalware: Simpplr Employee Intranet Customer
  • NEI Investments: Simpplr Software Customer

Our Happy Customers

Truly Delightful

After pursuing several intranet options, from building our own- to hiring Salesforce developers, we finally found Simpplr and have been extremely happy.The interface is sleek and incredibly user friendly, and content is easy to search and manage. Additionally, users can choose what they want to follow to ensure they are receiving the most relevant information. This product is already so great I can't wait to see what they have in store to make it better.

Megan Anderson

Excellent Platform and even Better Support

After investigating several online collaboration tools we reached out to Simpplr to see if if we could utilize their intranet platform. After careful analysis we decided the pros outweighed any cons and implemented. I'm glad we did! Although we are somewhat pushing the intranet platform to its limits in terms of using it as a collaboration tool, the ease of implementation and the incredible adoption rate by our users has made it one of the most successful software implementation projects I have been involved in. The interface is sleek and user friendly, and content is easy to upload, manage, discuss and comment on. However, what really sets Simpplr apart is their support. They have been with us every step of the way from answering questions, to making minor tweaks and digging in and getting their hands dirty. Cant recommend the platform or support staff highly enough.

Clint Irvine

Fantastic Platform

Simpplr is an easy to use, elegant, and effective corporate intranet for my 170 person company. Their custom service is outstanding, and the app offers an excellent quality to price ratio. The winter edition made strong enhancements, and I look forward to the next version.

Alex Verdone

Excellent Service And Support

The app is great. You can also have a mobile app with the brandings you like. Further to this they release a new version (features) with every sales force release. Therefore, there always something new to share with the user base. The app is clean, user friendly and very easy to manage. It seamlessly integrates with chatter and gives you the power of chatter in a more meaningful manner. More than this, Simpplr support is phenomenal. They go above and beyond to support their client. They help you with adoption, any questions and app upgrade. Very responsive to any help you need. They try to get in your shoes to understand your concerns and help you manage them. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would be more than happy to do that. After all, the product is great, works well (with almost no bugs) and support is excellent. This app is supporting more than 200 staff in our organization.

Anirudh Garg

Increased Our Employee Engagement!

As a SaaS company, we have almost 50% remote employees. As a rapidly growing 6 year-old company we needed a way to make sure that 100% of our employees were aware of what was going on within the company as a whole, and also provide a place for each of our departments to share their individual events, announcements and files. We signed our contract with Simpplr in March of 2016, and rolled it out to our employees in mid-April. The implementation was easy, as our reps at Simpplr walked us through every step and didn't let us miss a beat. The service we have received from Chris and Camila has been stellar! Last month, we had 100% participation from our employees, and responses from our quarterly employee engagement survey have included positive remarks and "thanks" since the implementation. Looking back, I can't imagine going without VitalConnect (Simpplr)!

Leslee Paganelli

Great intranet solution

When our organization was considering intranet solutions, we had several product demos. Simpplr came out on top due to its smooth integration with our existing Salesforce framework. Would recommend to others in a similar situation. With future releases they will develop even more advanced functionality, at which time they will be 5 star.

Ryan Johnson-Hunt

Delightful Indeed!

We have been searching for years for an easy to launch and use Intranet App in Salesforce - this is it! It takes minimal SFDC Admin resources to launch, the Simpplr team is highly responsive and helped every step of the way. It was easy to learn and helped us create a team of content owners who can manage and share their own content. Our end users now have easy access to key tools and resources to do their job and a fun space to share and collaborate no matter where they are working.

Kathy Krumpe

Straightforward Intranet solution, fantastic product support

Simmplr is an innovative product which allowed our organization to extend the capabilities of chatter to include many aspects of a traditional intranet. We were guided every step of the way through our implementation by knowledgeable support staff. The end result has been high levels of adoption and more streamlined communication in our business.

Ben Jamieson

Delightfully Simple

Deploying Simpplr has allowed us to quickly deliver an Intranet Solution to immediately meet business needs...users and content owners are quickly getting on board and impressed with its ease of use and social capabilities.

Inder Dhoofer

Building online communities

Simplr are helping us to make our company intranet a genuinely engaging experience . it is very easy to use and we're getting great feedback internally. Its giving us the opportunity to create genuine online communities across the business and has proven to be very flexible. Looking forward to their March release when we're going to get some great new functionality.

Sam Hodlin

A better intranet

So many intranets tack on social elements, and don't integrate them. The result? They usually don't work, and usage wanes. What's great about Simpplr is that it's social at its core. Employees get more of the information they want to follow, and less of what they don't. And it's intuitive and easy to navigate -- both for employees and content creators. This was incredibly important in quickly ramping up and launching Simpplr across the company.

Matt Roszell

Testimonials as submitted to Salesforce Appexchange: Simpplr Social Intranet Software Customer

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