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Boosted intranet adoption by 52% after migrating to Simpplr

Decrease in IT help desk tickets

Unified IPO communication across 20+ offices and 1700 employees

Full migration from Jive to Simpplr for more than 5,000 employees in 58 days

253% increase in employee engagement scores

Up and running in 17 days to unify 15,000+ Kronos and Ultimate Software employees under a new brand

Streamlined internal communication and cut email traffic by 57%

Day 1 Launched Simpplr Virtual HQ to inaugurate 12,000 new Fox employees

Launched intranet across five audience segments, with 40 affinity sites managed directly by students

Weekly CEO intranet updates spurred 88% employee engagement

90%+ employee adoption right off the bat

Cut employee onboarding time in half and proved higher productivity and ROI with A/B tests

CEO initiative connected 450 offices and remote employees after IPO

Scaled from 15 to 40+ sites in first seven months

Eliminated Company-wide Emails

Centralized urgent COVID-19 communications for 4,000 hospital staff

82% reduction in support emails as adoption trends at 90%

Bridged comms gap through 13 acquisitions in 11 global locations

98% employee adoption, with a reduction in ad-hoc requests on Slack

Years ahead of schedule for digital transformation objectives

Simpplr recognized as
favorite communication channel in employee survey

90% of employees have contributed content

Unified five communication channels into a central intranet

“We did not realize … Simpplr would transform the way we work and collaborate.”

Deployed in just two weeks to support employee communication during COVID-19

13 key integrations united on one platform

Carried out a full Jive migration with intranet and extranet

“With Simpplr, our employees feel more connected to NEI’s purpose and strategy.”

Seven engagement strategies merged under one intranet. Launched in three months.

Connecting 30+ offices and 400+ employees, with 86% saying they’d recommend Simpplr to a coworker.

Successful eight-week implementation with 100% employee engagement

100+ business units connected with 18,000 employees

Thousands of employee comments on executive posts

25% increase in communications efficiency

Unified 10 acquisitions under a new brand with Simpplr

58 global distributed offices connected successfully

500 rotating salon
artists connected through Simpplr mobile app

60+ locations and 800+ employees connected with 97% adoption

Engaged leadership communicating through their single source of truth

100% weekly active users. Every employee. Every week.

Simpplr “has saved the organization time, money, and helped decrease Crowdstrike’s IT tickets.”

90% employee adoption in three weeks

“A vital connection point for our remote workforce”

98% adoption in the first 30 days

63% of employees contributed content within the first year

82% monthly engagement and 50% daily active users

87% increase in content views after intranet refresh

Bridging 1,500 employees across 18 countries

Connecting stakeholders across five continents

“Simpplr has really focused our communication”

This could be the beginning of a
beautiful relationship

Deploying Simpplr has allowed us to quickly deliver an Intranet Solution to immediately meet business needs... users and content owners are quickly getting on board and impressed with its ease of use and social capabilities.

Inder Dhoofer
Information Technology at Eurostar

Simpplr is a super tool. I like the customizable UI and the flexibility of Simpplr. It is easy to set up and navigate - what you see is what you get. We use Simpplr to break down walls and help facilitate office communication.

Charles Neri
Sales Manager at Splunk

After investigating several online collaboration tools we reached out to Simpplr to see if we could utilize their intranet platform. After careful analysis we decided the pros outweighed any cons and implemented. I'm glad we did! The ease of implementation and the incredible adoption rate by our users has made it one of the most successful software implementation projects I have been involved in. The interface is sleek and user friendly, and content is easy to upload, manage, discuss and comment on. However, what really sets Simpplr apart is their support. They have been with us every step of the way from answering questions to making minor tweaks. Can't recommend the platform or support staff highly enough.

Clint Irvine
CIO at Fonterra