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Finally an employee intranet software that connects distributed teams and transforms how they communicate.

"Shortlist Simpplr when a cloud-native, scalable platform focused on employee communications and content delivery is needed." — The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2020
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Connect and engage

As the workforce is becoming more distributed, a corporate intranet’s primary goal should be to connect coworkers. Simpplr is purpose built to develop networks across departments and locations.

Interactive Employee Directory

Quickly and easily connect with the right people through an employee directory that makes collaborating with coworkers easy.

Employee Profiles

Help people get to know each other, drive engagement, and improve morale. Profiles include biographies, areas of expertise, activities, and social connections.

Social Collaboration

Engage employees with contemporary social intranet features: share, like and respond to content; follow favorite users; socially tag content; engage users with polls and surveys.

Social Following

Follow and favorite coworkers to stay on top of posts, blogs, updates, and celebrations within a social intranet software that connects teams across the organization.

Photo & Video Albums

Bring your company culture to life by adding photo or video content. Just drag-and-drop to add and organize all of the important moments.

Employee Advocacy

Help everyone in your organization become a social marketer with workflows that make it easy to share approved social content.

Employee Blogs

Allow employees to share ideas and experiences. Executives, influencers, and rising stars now have an easy way to communicate across the company within Simpplr's intranet.

Align and communicate

Employees are buried in information, and it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. Simpplr's corporate intranet software will help clarify important news, focus employees on what matters, and reinforce company values.

Dashboard / Interactive Carousel

Keep your team informed about important announcements with the carousel right on the company’s intranet homepage.

Mobile (iOS/Android) Apps

Keep your on-the-go employees connected with fully featured Android and iOS apps and mobile-optimized web access.

Events Calendar

Socialize your upcoming events to encourage participation and feedback. Publish event details, including timing, location maps, organizers, RSVPs, and attendees.

Activity Feed

Keep everyone current on critical projects, files, topics, and activities. Social intranet activity feeds allow teams to work together easily and finish tasks faster.

Alerts and Notifications

Keep your team abreast of important news and actions by easily providing alerts and notifications right on their corporate intranet dashboards.

Mandatory Reads

Ensure that important company updates within the corporate intranet are read by your employees. Each employee is alerted and must acknowledge reading the article.

Email Digests

Keep employee engagement high and communications aligned with scheduled digests and ad hoc newsletters that can be created in minutes within your intranet.


Help department and team managers communicate news, milestones, survey results, customer testimonials, and more.

Equip with knowledge

Employees waste a lot of time simply looking for information. Simpplr's intranet software will help employees get to the information they need so they stop getting stuck.

Intelligent Search

Put everything at people’s fingertips. The intelligent search built into the intranet’s desktop and mobile apps provides quick access to people, files, sites, and more—from anywhere, at any time.

‘Launchpad’ App Integration

Keep your most important enterprise apps at your employees’ fingertips. If you use an SSO provider, all of your connected apps will automatically appear.


Easily create content-rich social workspaces for teams, departments, and communities within the intranet. Choose the features and customize the look of each site—no tech skills required.


Add to your knowledge base using preformatted web pages that can be created by any business user. All pages are easily organized and fully searchable, and employees can subscribe to whatever is important to them.

Knowledge Management

Access and share files of all types securely and easily. Integration with SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Google Drive, and other file-sharing services is built in. Versioning and permissions are a snap. Search is, too.

Measure and administer

Many intranets fail because they’re hard to setup and maintain. Simpplr was built to easily deploy, administer, and monitor so the intranet (and those managing it) can be successful.

Auto-Governance Engine™

Prevent your intranet from becoming a content dumping ground so you can focus on what’s important: engaging your employees. Learn more

Adoption Metrics

Understand who is using your company's intranet, how it's being used, and where adoption can be improved.

Content Performance

Always know what content is and isn’t working on your intranet platform. The analytics dashboard gives you instant insights you can act on.

Decentralized Administration

Lighten the burden on IT and distribute site ownership across the organization with a point-and-click configuration that requires zero coding skills.

Audience Segments

Personalize every employee’s experience based on role, location, and domain.

User Personalization

Allow your employees to customize and organize their experiences based on their interests. Follow topics, sites, and people with the click of a button.

Access Control

Manage roles and user permissions effortlessly to define what actions your site managers and employees can take based on your policies and governance.

Brand Editor

Keep the employee experience on brand. With just a few clicks, Simpplr’s corporate intranet lets you customize colors, fonts, logos, and more to bring your community to life.

Auto Provisioning

Sync with your active directory/LDAP or Workday HRIS to automatically provision and deactivate users.

Content Management

Prevent mistakes with built-in content management and publication workflows, and ensure that only approved content is published.


Connect your digital workplace with real, meaningful integrations. Simpplr’s intranet software comes preintegrated with Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, Box, Vimeo, YouTube, Vidyard, and other major apps.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate with industry-standard identity and access management platforms including Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce Identity, and Active Directory. Employees get one-click access to company apps right from their personal homepages.

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