Our Mission

Transform the work experience for billions of people across the world

When work is good,
life is better TM

We think leaders who see, hear, and understand their employees are the ones who inspire better work and stronger cultures. They’re skilled at adapting to complexity and uncertainty. They build stronger, more enduring organizations.

They’re the ones who inspire greatness in the people around them. Greatness that extends beyond the confines of work—with a desire to live more fully, create stronger relationships, soul-satisfying hobbies, healthier communities and a more sustainable world.

These leaders need an employee experience platform designed for the modern workforce. An intelligent, holistic approach that’s as simple to maintain as it is to deploy. As beautiful as it is powerful. As insightful as it is inviting. One that unites and motivates everyone to be their very best.

That is Simpplr. That’s what we do.

We inspire greatness in people so they can flourish in all parts of life. And we have made it our mission to transform the work experience for billions of people across the world.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do



Radically simplify and beautify everything we design and build.


Relentlessly innovate based on continuous customer feedback.


Bring out the greatness in our customers, colleagues, and ourselves.

Dawn Farhi

“I am so proud to be part of a company that inspires and supports its employees to be the best they can be. Our culture is one of collaboration and a strong sense of community that encourages innovation and growth. I firmly believe in the importance of employee experience and how it can transform all of us to perform better at work and have more satisfying lives. I have also seen firsthand through our customers the impact it can have in developing a more connected and effective workforce wherever they may work.”

Dawn Farhi

VP Customer Experience

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