Celebrate achievement through a culture of recognition

In today’s dynamic work environment, recognizing individual and team achievements is key to maintaining high morale and performance.

Simpplr offers the tools to seamlessly integrate recognition into your workplace, creating a more engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce.


Boost engagement and retention by making it easy to give recognition that’s prompt, personalized, and purposeful

  • Bring recognition home

    Recognition is more impactful when built into your Digital HQ and woven into each employee’s feed as part of their daily motion of getting caught up on news and announcements.
  • Reinforce values

    Show appreciation for employees who help fuel a positive culture with customizable digital badges that embody your company’s values.
  • Give tangible rewards

    Amplify the impact of recognition with gift cards, unique items, or company swag that makes employees feel even more appreciated.
  • Recognition impact

    Have company-wide recognition analytics at your fingertips and gain insights into who has and hasn’t received recognition. Take action to drive continuous improvement to ensure success is always celebrated.
  • Promote peer recognition

    Make it easy for everyone in your organization to recognize their fellow employees to celebrate achievements or milestones.
  • Set recurring awards

    Foster a culture of consistent praise with Recurring Awards that boost morale, enhance company culture, and encourage widespread engagement.
  • Deliver actionable insights

    Access comprehensive yet easily digestible recognition analytics to monitor trends and continuously improve overall program effectiveness.
  • Provide manager dashboards

    Reports and alerts encourage managers to participate in recognition activities and let them know when others recognize their team members.


See how Simpplr can align your teams and elevate your employee experience today.