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Cohesion is the premiere podcast for internal comms, HR, and IT professionals, providing structured, high-value, quick-hitting strategies and tactics.


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Learn strategies and tips from experts and Simpplr customers to drive employee satisfaction, productivity, and culture.



Building a Better Employee Experience for Frontline Workers Through Mobile-First Technology

March 1, 2023

This episode features an interview with Hannah Bolte, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lozier Corporation. Starting as a print and television reporter, Hannah uses her journalism expertise to craft internal, external, and crisis communications strategies and content.

In this episode, Amanda and Hannah discuss Lozier’s mobile-first employee experience platform, reaching deskless workers, and intentional communications.



Improving The Remote Work Experience with Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist

February 1, 2023

This episode features an interview with Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist, a leading remote-first company. Having worked remotely since 2009, Chase has managed teams across all timezones and is passionate about the future of work. He has been named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work, a Global Top 50 Remote Enabler by, and is a frequent contributor to the world’s top remote-work outlets such as Forbes, BBC, and AP.

In this episode, Amanda and Chase dive into remote work; discussing challenges, experience, and what companies get wrong.



The ROI of employee recognition with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO & owner of Local Wisdom

January 16, 2023

This episode features an interview with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO and owner of Local Wisdom, a digital communications agency. Pinaki’s experience spans two decades serving global Fortune companies, startups, and multi-industry agencies. He’s also the co-founder of Resource Hero, Vice President of Professional Development for the IABC Tristate Area Chapter, and a Business Mentor for WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Pinaki to discuss his communications team maturity model, the ROI of employee recognition, and the value of a digital communications presence.



Internal Comms mistakes, perceptions, and inspirations with Carolyn Clark, Julie Miller, & Paralee Johnson

January 6, 2023

This episode features a roundtable discussion with Carolyn Clark, VP of Employee Experience Strategy and Transformation at Simpplr; Julie Miller, Senior Internal Communications Specialist at Simpplr; and Paralee Johnson, Senior Manager of Community and Content at Simpplr.

In this episode, Carolyn, Julie, and Paralee discuss how they wish Internal Comms to be perceived, learning from their mistakes, and trends they’re looking forward to in 2023.



Driving engagement through communications with Olga Skouteli, Head of Culture & Engagement at Lilium

December 20, 2022

This episode features an interview with Olga Skouteli, Head of Culture and Engagement at Lilium, a high-growth scale-up revolutionizing aviation. Olga specializes in developing and delivering engagement, internal communications, and Diversity and Inclusion strategies. Olga previously served as an employee experience consultant for global organizations like Rolls-Royce, Visa, and Nestlé where she transformed their culture and employee experience to drive business results.

In this episode, Amanda and Olga discuss breaking down silos, nuances of language, and their hopes for internal communications in 2023.



Coaching leaders to be effective communicators with Tyler Muse, CEO & Founder of Lingo Live

November 29, 2022

This episode features an interview with Tyler Muse, CEO and Founder of Lingo Live, a one-on-one leadership coaching program. Prior to starting Lingo Live, Tyler worked as an analyst for GE Energy Financial Services, where he focused on underwriting and portfolio management of energy investments. He also founded an internationally-focused mentorship program for multilingual youth in New York City.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Tyler to discuss work trends like “quiet quitting”, how to motivate leaders to invest in coaching, and the inspiration he draws from Maya Angelou.



Establishing a grassroots communication strategy with people managers with Laura Borland, Business Communications Director, TA Instruments and Clinical Division at Waters

November 8, 2022

This episode features an interview with Laura Borland, TA and Clinical Communications Director at Waters. Unlike most communications professionals, Laura has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and began her career as a science consultant and government project manager. She found her passion in supporting scientists and communicating their stories to drive business outcomes.

In this episode, Amanda and Laura discuss manager-led communications, strategies for reaching people globally, and helping people managers become better communicators.


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Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry is the corporate brand and communications manager at Simpplr, the modern intranet company laser-focused on helping its customers streamline employee engagement and communication.

Previously, Amanda worked in internal communications at tech companies, financial services, and higher education. She holds an M.A. in Communications from Indiana University and a B.A. in Communication Studies from Eastern Illinois University.

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