Listen better, learn faster, and lead smarter with AI-driven insights

Understanding your employee’s needs and emotions is critical to building a happy and productive workforce. Making it frictionless to hear from employees requires a versatile set of listening approaches.

Managers need a platform that combines survey, sentiment, and engagement data into one place to create actionable insights.


Combine active and passive listening to to improve employee experience

  • Establish engagement surveys

    Pick from a library of questions or customize a survey that fits your needs. Run your engagement survey on whatever cadence you wish and target the whole organization or a specific group of employees.
  • Create all-purpose surveys

    Enable managers to build custom one-off surveys for whatever they need. Set a schedule for the survey and a participation window with automatic reminders.
  • Provide manager dashboards

    Put employee feedback and sentiment data at managers' fingertips through My Team Dashboard, giving them insights and recommendations on actions to take.
  • Run pulse surveys

    Have an easy way to regularly send short pulse surveys to check in with employees and see how their opinions, thoughts, and emotions change over time.
  • Measure sentiment

    Gather data from every channel including surveys, sentiment checks, and everyday interactions like comments to gain a holistic view of overall sentiment.
  • Gain insights from analytics

    See an aggregated view in real-time of what people are engaging with, what they are searching for, what they are feeling, and how they are reacting.


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