Employee Newsletter

Email tools built for internal communications


Produce can’t-miss company newsletters in minutes

Reach and engage all employees without the busywork. Focus on storytelling that sparks company culture—instead of mucking with design, duplicating content, and maintaining lists.

Fine-tune employee communications

Curate content, target employees, send newsletters across multi-channels, and analyze performance.

More storytelling, less formatting

Streamline newsletter creation and brand consistency with an integrated newsletter, ready in a few clicks.

Measure and optimize engagement

Improve your communications strategy using comprehensive metrics that track newsletter performance.

Create consistent, beautiful newsletters without help

Design, personalize, and send on-brand employee newsletters using drag-and-drop blocks that support videos, external links, buttons, and images.

Send relevant newsletters to every employee

Deliver an engaging experience using AI-powered blocks that adapt content based on employees’ social graphs and interests.

Go beyond email

Reach your employees whether they are on mobile, desktop, Slack, Teams, or SMS.


Manage audience lists with ease

Sync with your HRIS to keep people data accurate to make targeting a problem of the past. No need to involve IT.

Drive employees back to the intranet

Uncover exactly what drives clicks, intranet adoption, and average time spent in the intranet.

Drill into newsletter performance

Measure performance and improve engagement with insights including CTR, tracking clicks, links, content types, and intranet adoption.


Augment analytics with heatmaps

Visualize what’s working and what’s ignored to better understand how employees engage with content.

Start with pre-built templates or create your own

Use branded templates or design custom newsletter templates to use over and over again, always staying on-brand.

Make collaboration easy with workflows

Invite newsletter managers to collaborate and review before sending or scheduling.

Add stunning visuals

Grab employees’ attention by adding imagery from a built-in selection of photography.



See what our customers are saying


“Since adopting Employee Newsletter, we’ve seen 15% more visits to the intranet. Employee Newsletter helps us strike a balance between frequency and volume. We can better target,  personalize, and use analytics to know what content people select and what’s working.”

Ashley Anglisano

Senior Internal Communications Specialist

"We needed a tool for internal communication, social interaction and displaying and broadcasting company policies, and Simpplr fit the bill. Simpplr is easy to use and easy to manage and produces visually pleasing pages. I like the ability to customize features, such as adding additional fields to documents for tracking and QA purposes."

Sam Shainsky

Communications Manager


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