Set new hires up for success with personalized onboarding at scale

Onboarding is more than just an introduction; it’s the first chapter in an employee’s journey with your company. Simpplr transforms the new hire process into a personalized and engaging experience.

We leverage AI to tailor onboarding for each individual, ensuring every new hire receives exactly what they need to get integrated, trained, and positioned for success from day one.


AI-powered onboarding that’s efficient, engaging, and personalized for every new hire

  • Tailor onboarding journeys

    Personalize every new hire journey with role-specific content, actions, and training organized in one dedicated hub for easy navigation and faster onboarding.
  • Give them a warm welcome

    Send targeted communications encouraging employees to reach out to new hires, helping them quickly learn who's who and build valuable connections.
  • Streamline compliance

    Create an easy-to-follow compliance process with Must Read content and action items across tailored onboarding experiences.
  • Automate content curation

    Simplify onboarding plans with AI that intelligently sequences essential content and tasks that adapt to each employee’s needs.
  • Engage with videos

    Make onboarding engaging and interactive with video content that immerses new hires in the company culture and values.
  • Unleash knowledge

    Equip new hires with AI-powered search, directory, AI Assistant, and Q&A tools that make it easy to find answers and information for accelerated learning.


See how Simpplr can align your teams and elevate your employee experience today.