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Align employees on day one

Too often, new employees’ onboarding process is disjointed, leaving gaps in their awareness of the organization’s priorities, ways of working, and what’s available to help them succeed. Simpplr makes it easy for new hires to find what they need, helping them ramp up faster and start contributing toward your mission.


Bring employees up to speed quickly

Accelerate time-to-productivity by helping employees navigate company strategy, goals, and priorities with personalized onboarding sequences.

Make a positive first impression

Introduce new employees to leaders and colleagues, and connect them to their communities. Wrap them in your culture, so they stay engaged.

Check the HR and IT boxes

Manage your HR, IT, and Finance processes in one place—from tax forms and equipment, to enrollment and emergency contacts.

Key capabilities

See how Simpplr helps companies facilitate employee onboarding:

  • Customized onboarding flows

    Designate orientation content at the organization level and for individual departments, roles, and regions.
  • Dynamic org chart

    Who’s who? Help employees connect names to faces using an interactive org chart populated with rich employee profiles.
  • Auto-Governance Engine™

    Systematically surface older content for review to ensure that new employees are not just up to speed—but also up to date.
  • Dashboards and reporting

    Get insights into the onboarding experience and use configurable quizzes to verify that employees understand critical content.
  • Single source of truth

    Make resources from every content repository and knowledge base easily searchable and accessible.

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