Frontline employees

Elevate the frontline employee experience


Connect frontline teams to corporate goals

Frontline employees keep your organization going, but the nature of their work often makes them feel disconnected. Simpplr bridges that gap to keep frontline employees engaged and informed. Our mobile-friendly platform lets you deliver rich communications, create personalized experiences, and see real-time employee insights.


Cultivate a sense of belonging

Connect every frontline employee with personalized experiences designed to inspire their best work and support their connections with colleagues.

Manage organizational change

Deliver rich communications that align employees to changes of any magnitude. See real-time sentiment during announcements.

Curate knowledge and apps in one place

Give employees a unified platform designed for easy access to the applications and knowledge they need to succeed.

Key capabilities

See how our employee experience platform keeps frontline employees engaged and informed:

  • Secure login (email not required)

    Let people access the information they need from wherever they work. Even if they don’t have email, we have them covered.
  • Multi-channel communications

    Send immediate alerts with Simpplr through SMS, push notifications, email, digital signage, corporate messaging apps, and more.
  • Built-in onboarding

    Accelerate time to productivity for new employees with built-in onboarding workflows. Verify each employee’s review of critical training, safety, and compliance information.
  • Intuitive UX

    We built a platform so easy to use, it doesn’t require training. (But our dedicated customer success team is always here for you, of course.) 
  • Mobile-first option

    No computer? No problem. Our mobile app goes wherever you need it.
  • Real-time employee insights

    See how people feel about updates in real-time. Track engagement and employee sentiment over time to develop a deeper connection with your employees.
  • Recognition and celebrations

    Give people a way to exchange structured, visible recognition for notable achievements. Celebrating big wins builds a strong company culture.
  • Smart Feed

    Our AI-powered feed prioritizes the most relevant and actionable content for every employee. 


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