Engage your frontline workers

Frontline workers in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, construction, and more are on the go and may not have access to email or a desktop experience.

Keeping these employees engaged and up-to-date requires a platform that ensures seamless communication, data access, and compliance no matter where they’re located.


Secure your frontline and drive collaboration with faster, AI-powered support

  • Brand your mobile experience

    Unify your frontline workers through a consistent brand experience and bring them into your Digital HQ.
  • Personalize the frontline experience

    Use AI and audience targeting to present frontline workers with content and communications relevant to them.
  • Amplify company culture

    Ensure frontline workers actively participate in company announcements, contests, surveys, and employee communities.
  • Centralize information and access

    Manage company-wide information in one place and provide access to frontline workers via search and feed.
  • Ensure compliance

    Mark safety protocol and compliance updates as “Must Read” content to ensure all frontline employees stay safe and informed.
  • Provide instant employee service

    Use a 24/7 AI Assistant to quickly address frontline worker needs related to payroll, shift management, benefits, and more.


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