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  • 3 Ways to Get Management to Engage With Your Corporate Intranet

    Want your management staff to lead by example and encourage employees to become involved and engaged? Here are three ideas that utilize a resource you probably already have in place — your corporate intranet.

    April 16,2018
  • Developing a high-level digital workplace strategy

    Developing a High-level Digital Workplace Strategy

    How do you plan for a successful digital transformation? As with any major initiative, careful research and planning will minimize the risk of investing resources in areas with little or no impact to the employee experience. Learn more about how to develop a high-level digital workplace strategy.

    April 02,2018
  • Video Should Top Your Internal Communication Plan For 2018

    Video offers massive potential for strengthening internal messaging. Learn how making video an integral part of your employee engagement initiatives can boost your internal customers’ experiences and help your organization keep up with changing demographics.

    March 26,2018
  • How Transforming Your Intranet Impacts Your Company’s Culture

    Want to foster a culture of innovation and engagement at your organization? Modern social intranets have revolutionized communication and collaboration in the digital workplace. They help revitalize, shape, and strengthen company culture by keeping employees engaged and connected anytime and anywhere.

    March 21,2018
  • Building Engagement and Trust Using Employee Generated Internal Content

    Between a nearly constant influx of new technology and global players in just about any given marketplace, the need for meaningful communication has never played a more crucial role in the workforce to keep team members in sync. Thanks to an amazing array of socially-focused and communication-friendly technology, along with talented and encouraged employees, building stronger employee engagement is easily within your grasp.

    March 19,2018
  • How Digitally Mature Companies Keep Employees Engaged and Customers Happy

    Stop struggling with outdated software and cumbersome data filing systems. Corporate intranets can help businesses adapt to today’s changing expectations for technology. Companies that embrace digital transformation can increase employee efficiency, productivity, and engagement as well as customer satisfaction.

    March 12,2018
  • Simpplr recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing SaaS companies

    Simpplr recognized as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies on the SaaS 1000

    Simpplr ranked #62 for the Q1 2018 SaaS 1000 list which identifies the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. Not only are we using our own intranet technology to help facilitate our growth, many of the other SaaS 1000 companies are also Simpplr customers including, Workday, Pure Storage, Splunk, AppDynamics, Docusign, and others.

    March 07,2018
  • The State of the Intranet Survey Highlights: Connecting Today’s Digital Workplace

    In this survey, we wanted to find out if intranets are proving their worth or if they are declining as a corporate “must have” technology. The results indicate that intranets are considered important, but many organizations are failing to fully leverage intranets as a tool for employee engagement. This is a significant missed opportunity.

    March 05,2018
  • The Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

    Learn more about how a successful employee intranet can help your business proactively adapt to change and embrace a digital transformation that creates a people-first culture with happier employees, more positive customer experiences, and increased employee productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

    March 01,2018
  • 5 Companies Leveraging Intranets To Foster Customers-First Culture

    Your employee intranet has the power to transform your organization’s culture. Get inspired by these 5 companies who are taking their intranets to the next level by engaging employees and kick-starting productivity and creativity to create and foster a customers-first culture.

    February 26,2018