Make recognition a part of everyday communications

Simpplr product screenshot employee recognition program

Give employees a voice to strengthen camaraderie

Reinforce a positive and supportive work environment with personalized, peer-to-peer recognition that publicly celebrates employee efforts, achievements, and milestones within the Feed.

Centralize your recognition program within Simpplr

Configure, view, track, and manage recognition and awards in the recognition hub, simplifying your employee engagement tools.

Create a cohesive culture across all locations

Foster a sense of belonging, empowering remote, in-person, or hybrid employees to give shout outs, receive recognition, and celebrate wins together through desktop and mobile.

Simpplr product screenshot employee recognition hub awards

Make recognition unique to core values

Customize awards and badges to align with company values, continuously cultivating employer culture and brand.

Set the culture company-wide

Save time and promote inclusivity by automating recurring departmental or division awards that allow open nominations, ensuring no one feels left out.

Add gamification for a boost of motivation

Integrate badges into Simpplr employee profiles to enhance the visibility of accomplishments, knowledge, or performance, making it easy for others to identify employee achievements

Simpplr product employee recognition hub analytics and trends

Support your people and managers with analytics

Give managers another way to evaluate performance reviews using team dashboards that spot trends and aggregate recognition, helping reduce recency bias.

Derive richer insights from higher participation

Get a more holistic view of your people by combining real-time intranet and recognition analytics for continuous improvement.

Simpplr product screenshot employee recognition program
Simpplr product screenshot employee recognition hub awards
Simpplr product employee recognition hub analytics and trends


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Ashley Anglisano

“Employee Recognition replaced our manual process and we’ve empowered employees to publicly recognize colleagues on a single platform. Since, employees are now more engaged and we’re noticing our different sectors of the organization are feeling more united.”

Ashley Anglisano

Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Sam Shainsky at Bleacher Report

"We needed a tool for internal communication, social interaction and displaying and broadcasting company policies, and Simpplr fit the bill. Simpplr is easy to use and easy to manage and produces visually pleasing pages. I like the ability to customize features, such as adding additional fields to documents for tracking and QA purposes."

Sam Shainsky

Communications Manager


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