Streamline HR service delivery with the power of AI

Accurate, personalized employee service requires understanding an employee’s unique profile, including their role, location, benefits, life events, and more.

Simpplr’s AI Assistant understands each employee’s background, is trained against company policies, and can answer questions and solve problems instantly. Simpplr makes it easy to offer delightful experiences without bogging down the HR team.


Drive satisfaction with fast, intelligent resolutions powered by AI

  • Provide trusted answers

    Distributed work locations may have different employment policies that change over time. Our AI Assistant is an HR expert who understands your company’s up-to-date policies and provides accurate information to employees.
  • Automate service requests

    Connect our AI assistant with your HR workflows to communicate and automate service requests seamlessly across multiple systems.
  • Nudge employees

    Keep processes moving forward with our AI Assistant that proactively nudges employees for necessary actions, from expense approvals to enrollment completions.
  • Personalize experience

    Our AI Assistant taps into your HR systems to personalize guidance on policies, processes, and more based on an employee’s work history, role, location, benefits, etc.
  • Ensure compliance and privacy

    Maintain information integrity with an AI Assistant that adheres to role-based access permissions, providing employees with only the information they are authorized to view.
  • Handoff more complex issues

    Our AI Assistant brings an HR team member in, as needed, to ensure any problems it can’t solve get escalated to the right person.


See how Simpplr can align your teams and elevate your employee experience today.