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Build an amazing employee experience through meaningful culture, connections, and communications. In a world where both work and workforce expectations are changing, employee experience matters. Make it easy for everyone to connect with colleagues, culture, and technology using an adaptive and integrated platform that enables the delivery of an employee experience worth bragging about.


See why HR teams use Simpplr

  • Ramp up leaders’ trust and visibility

    Empower leaders at every level to broadcast across multiple channels and leverage intelligence to act swiftly and confidently.
  • Capture real-time employee signals across the company

    Analyze what’s driving sentiment and identify risks before they turn into problems.
  • Connect and inform

    Make it quick and simple for everyone to find what they need, from HR and company information, to understanding company changes, and staying up to date with upcoming events.
  • Connect people wherever they are

    Support your distributed workforce wherever they are, using the flexible Simpplr solution that brings everyone together for a better employee experience.
  • Rely on AI to help people feel at home

    Let Simpplr AI improve the employee experience using personalization and inspiring engagement opportunities, from onboarding and beyond.
  • Track peoples’ state of mind

    Measure employee sentiment in real-time to listen to reactions to recent events, and detect changes in satisfaction and engagement.

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How Simpplr helps HR and EX professionals

Simpplr Case Study Perspecta
Case study

Perspecta unites three companies in merger with one intranet


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