AI Assistant

Resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant with an AI-powered virtual assistant built for EX.

Resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant with an AI-powered virtual assistant built for EX.

Individualized help
for your employees
using Generative AI

Empower every employee with an AI assistant that offers personalized guidance, automated content creation, and faster issue resolution—all within their daily workflows.

Understands your organization

Simpplr’s AI knows your people and policies, ensuring employees receive precise, context-aware advice based on official guidance.


Solves complex cross-system issues

Automatically addresses and resolves issues by orchestrating workflows across various systems, simplifying problem-solving at scale.


Creates a seamless journey across all touchpoints

Provide a consistent and smooth experience for employees, whether they're on mobile, desktop, or using platforms like Slack or Teams.

Automate HR workflows with Simpplr Virtual Assistant

Unify your enterprise apps

Empower your teams by bringing HR, IT, Legal, and more into one conversational interface, simplifying access to diverse apps with personalized, real-time insights.

Enable instant self-service

Simplify self-service by making it easy for employees to quickly find answers, update information, and effortlessly resolve HR and IT requests.

Transform HR processes

Automate just about any process, such as recruitment, onboarding, time off requests and so much more, dramatically improving both efficiency and the employee experience.


Unleash company knowledge

Break down information silos and connect employees to essential data with a conversational search, providing seamless knowledge access.

Provide faster query-resolution

Boost the productivity of your HR and IT staff through AI-powered recommendations, conversation summaries, and automatically generated replies to free up their time for high-value initiatives.


Boost HR program adoption

Enhance HR program enrollment and engagement with an AI Assistant that actively promotes overlooked benefits and streamlines the employee enrollment process.

Streamline employee onboarding

Transform the onboarding process with an expert guide that delivers an engaging, seamless experience to ensure new talent is smoothly integrated into your company and culture.

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Automate HR workflows with Simpplr Virtual Assistant


Streamline and automate employee service for HR and IT teams today