AI Assistant

Resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant with an AI-powered virtual assistant built for EX.

Resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant with an AI-powered virtual assistant built for EX.

Individualized help
for your employees
using conversational AI

Simpplr's AI Assistant integrates enterprise systems, delivering personalized answers securely and efficiently. Enhance employee self-service with a conversational interface that aids in processing updates, accessing content, and managing incidents across employee apps, all in one place.

See an immediate return on employee experience

Streamline operations, slash support costs, and boost employee self-service with automated workflows that reduce administrative tasks and high repeat requests by 90%.


Unify the digital ecosystem

Empower employees with efficiency through a unified entry point integrating bots, knowledge bases, policies, and documents across the enterprise, providing seamless access to their information needs.


Accelerate time-to-resolution

With AI Assistant deliver immediate, individualized responses to employees when they need them most, eliminating the need for additional clicks and extensive searching for answers.

Automate HR workflows with Simpplr Virtual Assistant

Thread your enterprise apps together, even your bots

Connect HR, IT, Legal, and other systems into a single, digital conversational experience, gathering real-time information to predict and respond to user needs.

Drive enrollment and adoption to existing systems

Promote and empower all employees to engage with new and existing programs by offering a virtual subject matter expert that can proactively make recommendations to programs and take action, such as registration.

Tailor the experience to every employee

With AI Assistant you can deliver a personalized employee experience by providing customized and relevant responses that meet specific needs, taking into account the employee's location, department, and other relevant attributes.


Offer assistance to employees wherever they are

Seamlessly integrate the AI Assistant with any omnichannel platform, extending its capabilities on an intranet, SMS, or popular messaging platforms like Teams and Slack for a unified experience.

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Enable employees to update information seamlessly across systems

Upload files directly into the AI Assistant which automatically syncs and updates employee information, without the need for manual logins to apps.

Respect existing user permissions for a frictionless experience

Performs thorough searches for answers across diverse formats, including webpages, videos, knowledge articles, and various file types, ensuring information security.

Supports a global, multi-lingual workforce

The AI Assistant understands and responds in employees’ respective languages, with over 133 languages and counting.


Identify trends and patterns for better business decisions

Optimize resource allocation and prioritization with dashboards that help executives and administrators make quick, informed decisions.

Understand employee needs, driving deeper engagement and satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction by quickly and accurately predicting user needs during live conversations using historical data analysis and pattern recognition.

Collect feedback to continuously improve conversations

Through continuous learning and adaptation to new data, predictive models are refined to deliver increasingly precise and pertinent responses, improving the employee experience.

Automate HR workflows with Simpplr Virtual Assistant


Streamline and automate employee service for HR and IT teams today