Employee Surveys

Get the insights you need to transform culture

Capture detailed employee feedback and analyze the results with built-in pulse, engagement, and ad hoc surveys.

Capture detailed employee feedback and analyze the results with built-in pulse, engagement, and ad hoc surveys.

Continuous people insights to transform your employee experience

Unearth hidden employee sentiment in real-time. Simpplr Survey delivers an ongoing stream of insights by analyzing a broad range of signals that reveal trends, patterns, and themes to help you achieve better outcomes.

Attract and retain talent

Give leaders unbiased insights to identify areas that require attention, respond effectively, and nurture an environment of safe and continuous support to strengthen culture.


Drive measurable change

Accelerate performance outcomes like innovation and productivity with dashboards that help you pinpoint, measure, and improve moments that matter in EX.


Address unspoken needs

Rapidly understand, adapt, and respond to changing trends, and attitudes before they become bigger issues that could impact a broader base of employees.


Capture rich employee feedback

Surveys combine built-in pulse, engagement, and ad hoc surveys with AI-powered listening to detect underlying sentiments and emotions, helping identify pain points and areas of improvement for better decision-making.

Continuously listen across multiple channels

Get insights into a broad range of sentiment data gathered throughout the Simpplr platform, incorporating polls, pulse, and traditional surveys, Sentiment check, Awareness check, and everyday interactions, like comments.

Maximize employee engagement survey responses

Leverage the Simpplr platform to enhance employee engagement with diverse themes, surveys, comprehensive analytics, and improved participation for a deeper understanding of employee experience.

Measure employee sentiment in the moment

Get certified questions at your finger tips

Use nearly 100 science-backed questions organized into key employee experience themes to create surveys that yield accurate, effective, and unbiased responses, providing actionable insights from your employees.

Measure sentiment in the moment

Use Sentiment Check to actively capture contextual and in-the-moment attitudes surrounding news and events rated on a scale from “very positive” to “very negative” that helps uncover emotions underneath the surface.

Verify reach and alignment

Improve workforce alignment and retention of important information by adding an Awareness Check to your latest training or policy page, to help you measure comprehension, identify gaps in understanding, and focus on areas that need improvement.


Track employee perceptions and live trends

Gain deep insights into employee emotion, confidence, and sentiment with AI-powered passive listening across employee interactions on the Perception Dashboard.

Get detailed audience breakdowns

Segment reporting by department, function, and region to drill down and identify pockets of high and low engagement, so you know where to take targeted action to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Get an unbiased view of employee attitudes

Simpplr’s AI is always on, listening and gathering appropriate data to deliver insights that reduce the time from “signal to action” and offer paths for improvements.

Measure employee sentiment in the moment


Capture the people insights you need to achieve better outcomes today.