Employee Engagement

Deliver a virtual headquarters built for employee engagement 

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Enhance company culture, even when the office is the kitchen table

Whether working in-person or online, we experience our organization’s culture more through virtual platforms than physical spaces. Simpplr helps you enable leaders and employees to connect better, inspire one another, and stay engaged. Transform the employee experience by providing transparent communication, easy access to personalized information, and ways to celebrate accomplishments together.


Strengthen company alignment

Give your employees a place to interact, feel heard, and align on business goals—as one collaborative team.

Offer a personalized experience on every click

Surface the right information to the right people to help them stay engaged and connected.

Build community and celebrate together

Give employees a space to band together and spark connections—from bonding through special communities to sharing birthday wishes.

Key capabilities

See how Simpplr helps companies build a world-class culture

  • Smart Feed

    Create a culture of conversion and promote two-way employee communication, collaboration, feedback, and knowledge sharing.
  • Award-winning UX

    Give your employees a personalized user experience so intuitive they can start using it without training.
  • A built-in employee network

    Help employees find and connect with one another using a visual and automatically updated org chart and data-rich employee profiles.
  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Measure overall intranet engagement, adoption, employee sentiment, and alignment with native analytics driven by AI.
  • Multi-channel communications

    Ensure broad reach and resonance using targeted messages delivered through multiple channels, including Slack, Teams, email, push notifications, and SMS.
  • “Must reads” and Awareness Check

    Verify that employees are reading and absorbing critical company information using Awareness Check for measurement and reporting.

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