When everyone understands the big picture, organizations succeed

Show employees working together no matter where they are; all connected, all informed

Whether working in-person or online, we experience our organization’s culture more through virtual platforms than physical spaces. Simpplr helps you enable leaders and employees to connect better, inspire one another, and stay engaged.

Transform the employee experience by providing transparent communication, easy access to personalized information, and ways to celebrate accomplishments together.


Engage employees no matter where they are

  • Give employees a digital HQ

    Give your employees a place to interact, feel heard, and align on business goals — as one collaborative team.
  • Make recognition and rewards a part of company culture

    Boost employee engagement and morale with personalized awards that enable employees to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues.
  • Offer a personalized experience for everyone

    Deliver an individualized experience to every employee based on their preferences, interests, role, location, and team to help them stay engaged.
  • Build community and celebrate together

    Give employees a space to band together and spark connections — from bonding through employee groups to sharing birthday wishes.


Engage your employees and elevate your employee experience today.