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Simpplr helps drive adoption, engagement, and workplace collaboration across the distributed and hybrid workforce, helping people work smarter, not harder.


A modern intranet built for the new workforce

Get consumer-grade usability, branding, and design that boosts intranet adoption and cuts down on headaches.

A front door for the full tech stack

Integrate with virtually every major digital workplace app, and use the launchpad for quick, authenticated access.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Make life easier for your people with a user-friendly platform that’s so intuitive, it just works.

Key capabilities

See how our modern intranet platform helps companies modernize the digital employee experience:

  • No (content) dumping zone

    Keep content fresh using the Simpplr Auto-Governance Engine™.
  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Free up resources and save time with an intranet built to help lower technical dependencies and operating expenses.
  • AI-powered insights

    Capture ongoing, up-to-the-minute feedback with Simpplr Employee Listening that helps track sentiment and feedback around key technology initiatives.
  • Smart search

    Equip employees to find what they need, when they need it, and get in touch with colleagues and experts.
  • Virtual headquarters

    Give employees a place to gather and communicate whether they are in-office, remote, or on the floor.
  • SharePoint systems get a new lease on life

    Pre-built integrations with SharePoint and other knowledge bases make it easier for everyone to find critical information. No need to retire or migrate systems.
  • Industry-shattering adoption

    Roll out an employee experience platform that regularly outperforms industry adoption benchmarks by 5X.
  • Security and data privacy

    Protect sensitive organizational data with enterprise-grade security that is unrivaled among competitors and verified by independent auditors.

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