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Build a better workplace where people can flourish

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A unique experience tailored for every employee

The employee experience is a human experience. Our AI-powered solution helps you surface real-time insights, from both solicited and passive feedback, at moments that matter. Help reinforce your organization’s culture and make employees feel heard and motivated to perform.


Energize employee culture and build trust

Empower leaders at every level to broadcast across multiple channels and receive insights needed to lead confidently and act swiftly.

Act on real-time employee sentiment

Capture in-the-moment employee feedback and signals, and guide leaders to course-correct. Improve change execution, retention, and more.

Personalize every employee’s experience

Engage employees with a delightful user experience and personalized content that keeps them informed and engaged from day one.

Key capabilities

See how Simpplr helps companies create an amazing employee experience

  • Employee Listening

    Take a pulse on employee sentiment by giving them an anonymous way to share real-time feedback on announcements, policy changes, and events.
  • A virtual headquarters

    Give your employees a place to interact, feel heard, and align on business goals as one collaborative team. Watercooler included.
  • Dynamic org chart

    Who’s who? Help employees connect names to faces using an interactive org chart populated with rich employee profiles.
  • Personalization AI

    Drive engagement with personalization. Make employees feel special with personalized content discovery, search results, and even the onboarding process—courtesy of Simpplr AI.
  • People Analytics

    Gain real-time insights on trending topics, emotions, sentiment, and user connections to help you understand the backbone of your organization: your people.
  • Recognition and celebrations

    Give employees a place to celebrate achievements and recognize each other to strengthen camaraderie regardless of their location. Cultivating a community gives your culture superpowers.

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