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Live EX™:
Employee Experience Management Platform

An evolved approach to employee engagement,
made for the new world of work

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The Challenge

Great forces are at work. The success of the past is irrelevant. Leaders in internal communications, HR, IT, and the C-Suite must shape a different future

Most business models are changing. Cultures who can adapt will win

Every business leader is on notice. Many are stepping up
their change initiatives, be it M&A, digital transformation, restructuring, cultural transformation, or hyper-growth.

But even the most
remarkable strategies
often don’t get results


Reason 1

Employees are
not aligned

Reason 2

Employees don’t
understand the plan

Reason 3

Employees are
not brought in

Reason 4

The organization
moved too slowly


Coordinating modern,
hyper-dispersed workforces
makes transformation
even more difficult

There’s a new employer -
employee social contract,
with higher expectations

The balance has shifted —
and the talent war is won
with culture

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    Flexible, asyncronous
    work arrangements

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    Transparency and

  • inclusive_icon

    Inclusive, purposeful,
    and humane leadership

There is a better way.

Introducing Live EX™

The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 1 The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 1
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Communicate with
and purpose

Company communications are hard in a hyper- distributed world. Leaders must constantly beat the drum to provide clarity around organizational priorities and values. This communication strategy needs to be personalized to eliminate noise, provide employees a single source of truth for all critical information, and drive social cohesion across the distributed organization.

The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 2 The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 2
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Listen for in-the-moment
feedback and sentiment

By the time execution breakdowns show up in your surveys, performance tools, and financial systems, it’s already too late. Leaders must be able to tap into “the heartbeat of their organization” at any moment to see the hidden opinions, emotions, attitudes, motivation and employee experience.

The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 3 The Road to Better Employee Experience: Step 3
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Course correct, reaffirm, and celebrate with new agility

The days of top-down edicts, hierarchical org machines, and five year plans are long gone. Winning organizations are agile and can adapt with data driven clarity. They solicit feedback, change, clarify, reinforce, recognize positive behaviors, and celebrate wins.

Simpplr is creating the first real-time
employee experience management platform

Simpplr is different. We’ve taken the best of Employee
Communication software with new advancements in Employee Experience
Management to create what we call Live EX™

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The Live EX™ Platform

Live EX™ helps leaders understand their organization’s heartbeat in real-time. We’ve combined the industry’s leading modern intranet and employee communication capabilities with in-the-moment feedback and AI-backed intelligence that immediately surfaces what strategies are resonating, where employees are confused and misaligned, and whether blindspots exist.

The Live EX™ Platform

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