Revolutionize the way you manage the intranet

And never see outdated
content again.

Introducing the industry’s first Auto-Governance Engine™

Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine™, an intranet management software, prevents your intranet from becoming a content dumping ground. So you can focus on what’s important: engaging your employees.

Stop the intranet from becoming a junk drawer

With Auto-Governance Engine™ AI that automatically monitors, surfaces, and unpublishes stale content

Map the intranet to only what’s useful

By auditing activities and tracking content that's in-demand

Build an intranet employees trust

By providing an easy path to relevant, fresh intranet content

Automatically manage outdated intranet content

With the help of AI, auto-archive stale content and surface materials that demand attention

Alert authors to act

Get notified when content needs a refresh with in-app notifications and email alerts

Deactivate unuseful sites

Declutter the intranet with alerts that help you manage sites that have outlived their usefulness



Review, validate, and set expiration dates

Take full control of content management with flexible archiving options

Audit what others are up to

Understand which authors are on top of their game and who needs a nudge

Prevent drowning in yesterday’s news

Use Auto-Governance Engine™ to see the most relevant information with news management algorithms that naturally deprioritize older news


Surface what’s in-demand

Systematically know what employees are searching for but isn’t provided

See what’s collecting dust

Use analytics to understand content that’s neither being read nor searched for

Control versions and prevent duplicates

Maintain previous versions behind the scenes in case they’re needed down the road

Manage and pull the latest content from other systems

Ensure updates are searchable even when they haven’t been uploaded to the intranet


Take full control and manage your intranet

See how the Auto-Governance Engine™ can work for you