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Reimagine employee experience

We know this: the more positively employees experience their work, the better they perform, the longer they stay, and the greater their impact on those around them. That’s why it’s critical for HR strategists to stay ahead of the latest EX trends. These trends revolve around the imperative to boost productivity, retain talent, and overcome the ongoing challenge of investing in the right EX tech. Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is woven throughout this narrative.

In our ebook, Next in EX: Trends shaping employee experience, industry leaders explore four trends driving transformation in the HR space:

  • Investing in ‘AI for good’ — embracing responsible AI to increase productivity and elevate EX
  • Unifying employee experience technology — using a unified EX platform to keep employees engaged, productive and connected
  • Prioritizing employee experience, no matter where or how employees work — leveraging the right EX platform to design an inclusive employee experience
  • Enabling employee empowerment and voice — using an AI-powered EX platform to activate employees

We also look at how improving employee metrics like productivity, engagement and retention can drive overall organizational outcomes, such as customer experience and financial performance.

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