Executive Summary: State of the Intranet and Future of Employee Technology

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State of the Intranet 2024

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Position employee tech teams for success

Are you attuned to the evolving trends in intranet design, implementation and usage? Do the teams tasked with implementing employee technology solutions have the knowledge they need to give your organization a competitive edge and unlock the full potential of your workforce today and in the years to come? Position them for success with key findings from the Simpplr Research Team’s State of the Intranet and Future of Employee Technology report.

We surveyed more than 1,000 senior intranet program professionals spanning various industries to provide a comprehensive view of the current state of intranets and future trajectory of employee technology — enabling you to compare your current status or future intranet plans, and identify areas for growth and improvement. Our data connects the dots between the key characteristics of excellent employee technology and stellar employee experience (EX) — and ultimately, the organizational outcomes that matter the most.

Our executive summary offers a snapshot of key findings. Download your free copy to discover:

  • How the quality of intranet platforms affects organizational outcomes including revenue, profitability, productivity, retention and employee well-being
  • The impact of a poor employee technology experience on performance, engagement, productivity, safety and more
  • Key characteristics of the most effective intranet platforms
  • How artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping employee technology experiences

You’ll also get a shortlist of recommendations to create an employee technology experience that will elevate EX and propel your organization’s overall success in 2024 and beyond. Get started today!


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