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Have flexibility, with a purpose

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Let our intranet seamlessly fit into your ecosystem without having to start from scratch

Our purpose-built intranet drives adoption and codifies best practices, but we understand the importance of customizations and workflow integrations. Simpplr’s Extensibility Center gives flexible configuration options to fit your needs.

Connect all of your applications to Simpplr

Make the intranet a one-stop shop for your employees to access what they need, when they need it.

Build functionality and workflows to support your growing ecosystem

Take advantage of our additional platform layer with plenty of customization options—without the extra maintenance.

Easily extend your intranet to other systems

Use pre-built “recipes” to quickly configure Simpplr to any workflow, including digital signage.

Access every feature using APIs

The Simpplr SDK provides full access to all Simpplr featuresfrom content types to analytics data. Anything you can do within Simpplr, you can access with APIs.

Enable visibility across platforms with unified notifications

Provide employees with a single place for all of their notifications across HR systems, expense reports, approval workflows, and more.


Easily manage Simpplr with 200+ pre-built integrations

Save time and frustration using no-code integrations out of the box for most world-class cloud applications. Never worry about maintaining these integrations again.

Display extended information from within the Simpplr dashboard

Easily centralize and display information within Simpplr from other sources, including BI analytics, forms, or time-off balances using flexible widgets right on the home screen.


Quickly access everyday applications using Simpplr Launchpad

Make the entire digital workplace accessible with the click of a button by using your SSO and identity management provider in the Application Launchpad.

Customize the intranet right out of the box

Tailor the intranet’s configuration to your specific needs with over 2,500 point-and-click administrative controls and different layout options. No code necessary.



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