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Simpplr Podcast Ep 7 with Leslie Quinton

This episode features an interview with Leslie Quinton, VP of Communications at Ubisoft, a gaming company with over 20,000 employees and 40 office locations worldwide. With over 20 years of communications experience across multiple industries at companies big and small, Leslie is a walking comms playbook.

On this episode, Leslie shares her must-do’s for doing global communications right, what the secret ingredient is for improving company culture, and her advice for comms leaders struggling to get company buy-in.

01:38 How Leslie got interested in communications
03:33 Leslie’s current role
04:55 Segment: Story Time
07:53 Mistakes companies make that can be turned around easily
09:16 Leslie’s favorite foundation/board she’s a part of
11:24 Segment: Getting Tactical
15:36 Must-do’s for doing global comms
20:01 Improving company culture through comms
22:54 Differences in comms at both large and small companies
25:07 Segment: Seat at the Table
28:13 Advice for comms leaders struggling with getting company buy-in
29:45 Segment: Asking for a Friend
37:30 The next big shift in comms

Guest information

Leslie Quinton

Leslie is a passionate leader, a committed team player, an award-winning speaker and strategist. Leslie has expertise in a range of domains and sectors based on many years as an advisor and working within major corporations as head of communications and CSR, including ESG performance. A consummate professional, she scores very high in organizational thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution, and has been called the ultimate people person. She thrives in environments of high challenge and loves to drive change by creating scenarios that allow self-expression and empowerment of stakeholders. Her background in the arena of professional communications includes everything from acting as a publishing editor to crisis management, with deep experience managing corporate communications, strategic planning, teaching and as a consultant in agencies with worldwide networks. A global thinker, Leslie is very adaptable, places a high value on collaboration, and is a good mentor to her colleagues. She has been on over 30 non-profit boards in the past 20 years, was an award-winning instructor at McGill University, and strongly believes that more human places to work are more productive places to work. Leslie is a mentor and coach to young professionals from various sectors and is an accomplished speaker and budding author.

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