How HR is responsible for the workplace human experience

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 10 with LaToya Lyn, Chief People Officer at Help Scout

This episode features an interview with LaToya Lyn, Chief People Officer at Help Scout. Fascinated by the connection between employee and employer, LaToya has wanted to be an HR practitioner since she was 16. Her impressive career spans multiple executive and leadership roles in HR and Talent Strategy at publicly traded billion-dollar companies like LivePerson, Compass, and Oscar Health.

On this episode, LaToya sits down with Amanda to discuss how HR leaders influence the human experience in the workplace. She also shares how Tina Turner influenced her career and why CEOs are responsible for Diversity and Inclusion.

1:51 How LaToya got into HR
3:27 LaToya’s current role at Help Scout
3:40 Why LaToya chose Help Scout
4:25 Segment: Story Time
4:48 How LaToya’s education prepared her for working across industries
7:55 How can HR leaders help employees during these tough times?
11:51 How Tina Turner inspired LaToya’s relationship with work
15:27 Segment: Getting Tactical
15:39 The only way DE&I will work
24:13 Segment: Ripped From the Headlines
27:44 Segment: Asking for a Friend

Guest information

LaToya Lyn

LaToya Lyn is the Chief People Officer at Help Scout, a support platform to help build and maintain relationships with customers. LaToya also serves as a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, Knoetic (CPOs), and Chief (senior women leaders).
LaToya has a dual masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior from Brooklyn College. Her professional experience spans from executive coaching to driving organizational changes and culture transformations for technology companies globally. LaToya’s previous roles include Vice President of Talent Strategy at Oscar Health, Head of Employee Relations and Senior Human Resource Business Partner at Compass, and Head of Global HR at LivePerson.

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