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Simpplr Podcast Ep 3 with Laura Klieves

This episode features an interview with Laura Klieves. Laura is the Senior Director of L&D & Comms at Malwarebytes, an internet security company providing cyber protection for millions of consumers and organizations worldwide.

01:50 How Laura got interested in communications
03:05 Laura’s first job in communications
05:08 Laura’s current role as Senior Director, L&D and Communications at Malwarebytes
07:42 Segment: Storytime
14:00 Segment: Getting Tactical
17:20 Overcoming learning curves when joining a company
20:30 Must-do tactics for ICs in order to be effective and engaging in a digital workforce
25:00 The critical components of storytelling
29:40 Ensuring virtual employees have an amazing experience
33:25 Segment: Seat at the Table
37:50 Segment: Asking for a Friend

Guest information

Laura Wall Klieves

Laura Wall Klieves’ eclectic business background began in advertising—specifically automotive advertising. With over two decades on the client side and in advertising and marketing agencies as an executive leader, Laura pivoted her career into Learning & Development. For almost ten years, Laura ran the public-facing learning academy for Duarte—a communications firm specializing in presentations. As the daughter of an elementary school teacher, Laura discovered her unrequited love for teaching at Duarte. New to the HR world, but not new to executive leadership, communications and L&D, Laura’s most recent gig is on the People Team with Malwarebytes. With the dual role of leading L&D and driving internal communications’ initiatives, Laura knits together her vast knowledge of visual storytelling and learning to elevate the growing cybersecurity organization’s leadership and management teams, along with empowering the growth of everyone.

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