Top 10 intranet features that matter


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Ten essential employee experience intranet features

When it comes to intranets, form needs to follow function—with the final product, your newly designed intranet, creates the employee experience every company desires.

  • One that offers a unified, personalized, and frictionless experience for everyone.
  • An intranet that increases enablement while reducing lost time and employee frustration.
  • A place where employees can simply flourishTM   and feel seen as both individuals and valued team members.

Unfortunately, though, many intranet software providers promote the number of features they offer and leave the actual function of it—the entire point of an intranet’s existence—up to the company to sort out after all these disconnected features are in place.

How can a company head off this dilemma? Backed by Simpplr Research, we put together a list of the ten essential employee experience intranet features to help you compare vendors and make an informed decision.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The ten must-have intranet capabilities
  • How to evaluate each of them
  • And how each feature must connect to the purpose of your intranet

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