ROI of IC: 4 steps to build a business case for better tech

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Secure budget by proving value

Need buy-in for the purchase of a modern intranet or other technology to improve the effectiveness of internal comms at your organization? Get ready to build a compelling business case by clearly demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of internal communications. You can do it in just four steps.

Download “The ROI of Internal Communications: 4 steps to build a business case for better technology” to learn how to make a data-driven business case for the technology you need to deliver best-in-class employee communications.

  • Get a primer on key performance indicators for internal communications and recommended KPIs for a modern intranet investment
  • Discover different tools and approaches for measuring IC ROI
  • Explore the best metrics to support common reasons for a tech upgrade
  • Find tips to overcome potential objections
  • Use our four-step framework to start building your case

Get strategic to secure the budget you need for better internal communications technology. Download your free copy of the ebook today to jumpstart your journey to more effective internal comms!


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