Customer Preview: Simpplr’s Product Roadmap Update


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Webinar Details

You may have seen Simpplr speaking and writing about the AI-powered employee experience platform. What exactly is that? What does that mean for current Simpplr customers?

Join Simpplr’s Chief Product & Customer Experience Officer, Bala Kasiviswanathan, for an exclusive, customer-only webinar. You’ll learn about new and upcoming enhancements to our modern intranet platform that will help you deliver outstanding employee experiences and continue to optimize employee productivity, communications and culture.

Learn about:

  • The Simpplr One Platform and the full suite of included products
  • AI Innovations: learn how we’re leveraging the power of AI to improve productivity
  • Putting people first: learn about improvements to elevate employee engagement and satisfaction with real-time people insights and personalized experiences.

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About the Presenter

Bala Kasiviswanathan Simpplr Leadership

Bala Kasiviswanathan

Chief Product & Customer Experience Officer, Simpplr

Bala Kasiviswanathan, a Mechanical Engineer, started his career at Microsoft. With an insatiable curiosity, he played a key role in building foundational projects in India. Inspired by the dynamic nature of product development, Bala embarked on journey across APAC, driving innovative initiatives along the way. He joined Apigee as a product leader, and his contributions were instrumental in the company’s growth, leading to a remarkable IPO and eventual acquisition by Google. At Google, Bala continued to make waves, spearheading the expansion of API management products and revolutionizing the Google Cloud landscape.

Next came the role of Chief Product Officer for project Tidal at X (formerly Google X), where he immersed himself in groundbreaking research. With a focus on advanced computer vision and AI, Bala tackled complex ocean problems, aiming to make a positive impact on humanity.

Currently, as Simmplr’s Chief Product and Customer Experience Officer, Bala brings his expertise to drive AI-based innovations across their product portfolio. With a genuine dedication to enhancing employee experiences, he aims to deliver outstanding solutions that empower organizations.

Outside of the ever-evolving world of software, you’ll find Bala exploring the wonders of nature through hiking and indulging in the delightful flavors of specialty local coffees.


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