The future of the intranet is here: UX, EX and AI

The future of the intranet is here: UX, EX and AI

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Long gone are the days where employees and organizations can accept a clunky, static link farm as their organization’s intranet and digital headquarters. Modern employees are demanding their intranets to be modern, intuitive, quick with answers and tools to do their jobs.

The great news is that the intranet industry has truly gone through a revolution that has produced intranets that both employees and internal communications, HR and IT organizations can truly love, improving employee engagement and productivity. This revolution has been turbocharged with the advent of generative AI. So what does this super-evolved intranet look like?

Join us as we display the alphabet soup (UX, EX and AI) of superpowers of the existing and future of the intranet:

  • UX – a modern user experience that is intuitive and easy to use
  • EX – employee communication, recognition and enablement
  • AI – capabilities such as an assistant, search, recommendations and insights

About the Presenters


John Toker

Principal Solutions Consultant

John Toker is a Principal Solutions Consultant at Simpplr. He has extensive experience in the communication and collaboration space, having worked with companies like Slack and MuleSoft. John lives in Maidenhead, Berkshire, GB, and is married with two kids and two dogs.


Bob Strohmeyer

Senior Director of Sales Enablement

Bob Strohmeyer is Sr. Director of Sales Enablement at Simpplr and an evangelist for employee experience delivery as the cornerstone of great training and enablement. Before joining Simpplr, he led teams in Customer Success, Support, Professional Services, Marketing Services, and a variety of other roles in technology and media companies.


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