Boosting the employee experience in a new age of work/life balance

How Coupa Software unified thousands of employees using Simpplr

When your company has over 3000 employees on four continents, keeping everyone connected and engaged is a gigantic task. Add to that the monumental shift in attitudes toward work/life balance that enables work from anywhere, and the job gets even tougher. That’s why Coupa Software turned to Simpplr.

In this video, you’ll meet Coupa Software’s employee experience manager Felicity Lau, and Matt Rosenthal, Senior Learning Development Consultant, who’ll talk about their company’s employee experience transformation using Simpplr.

Watch as Felicity and Matt discuss:

  • How employees rely on Simpplr to help them get centered, focused, and to start each day
  • What Simpplr does to help Coupa onboard new employees quickly and efficiently
  • Why it’s crucial for employees to understand their company’s core values—and how Simpplr enables that communication for better employee engagement
  • How Simpplr facilitates data-driven decision-making using real-time analytic

And so much more packed into this quick video! Watch it now!

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