How does a manufacturing company keep frontline employees up-to-date?

See how Lozier connects employees to mobile-first intranet using Simpplr

It’s not easy to keep employees connected and up to date, especially when many of them  don’t have computer access. But Lozier, a leading retail shelving and display manufacturing company, found a way that works for every employee : Simpplr.

Marketing and Communications Director Hannah Bolte and Josh Gear, multimedia communications strategist at Lozier, keep everyone on the same page. Learn how  as they talk about their experience with Simpplr.


  • How Simpplr brought employees together quickly and seamlessly, and guided Lozier through the a quick implementation
  • Why employee communication to frontline  employees is a critical component of employee experience
  • How communications teams can get valuable employee engagement analytics  without IT support

Watch this three-minute video to learn more!

See Simpplr in Action