How does one company manage 10 distinct organization identities on one platform?

Transforming internal communication and culture at Sammons Enterprises with Simpplr

Standing up an intranet and employee engagement platform isn’t easy, especially when you have limited resources. Sammons Enterprises is a large organization with over 6,000 employees divided into 10 segments. Each segment has its own distinct company identity and branding.

Learn how Director of Corporate Communications, Jen Barre, successfully implemented an intranet, Simpplr, for a highly diverse workforce.


  • How Simpplr brought employees together to successfully communicate across 10 segments, providing a unified communication hub while retaining individual segment distinctions
  • Learn about the successful transition to an ownership culture and the impact on transparency, collaboration, and communication within the organization, facilitated by Simpplr’s features and functionalities.
  • How communications was made ‘Simpplr’ to create a ‘one company, one communication’ mindset

Watch this three-minute video to learn more!

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