Intranet that has real-time insights for your fast-paced workplace

Maximizes engagement and improves productivity

Is your intranet provider up to the task of giving you real-time feedback and insights on what’s working and what isn’t in your internal communications strategy? Emily Teague, Internal Communications Manager at Gympass, knows her intranet is because she uses Simpplr. Simpplr’s real-time analytics gives her actional insights so she can double down on communication if it’s going right, but it also course-correct if it’s not.

Listen to Emily discuss what else she and Gympass employees love about Simpplr including:

  • Native video because it empowers creators and engages employees by centralizing video management and providing analytics
  • Language localization because communicating quickly and effectively to a global workforce means getting messages to employees in their preferred language
  • How the Simpplr team was a partner and subject matter experts in building the intranet while Emily and Gympass were standing up an internal comms function

Hear from Emily directly about her experience with Simpplr.

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