Intranet that requires minimal IT involvement

Transform the way you communicate and collaborate

If you are looking for an intranet platform that requires minimal involvement from IT to implement and manage while exceeding the needs of the internal communications team, you are not alone. Silicon Labs found its unicorn platform in Simpplr.

Hear from Regan Zuege, Internal Communications Lead, Claudia Husemann, Director of Communications, and Nandan Dharwadker, Senior Web Developer, talk about why they chose Simpplr, including:

  • Their need for a modern intranet that is easy to use and driven by employees
  • Having a good partner that could help them during implementation and beyond
  • Add-ons and engagement tools like Simpplr Premier Newsletter are integrated with the intranet, making them easy to use

Simpplr helped them streamline their communications and gave them a single source of truth. Watch their video to hear from them.

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