5 Best Practices to Help IC Teams Thrive


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Webinar Details

Internal communications (IC) professionals are a small, but creative and collaborative group. As companies work to improve the overall employee experience and increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, IC practitioners get stretched ever further.

When IC teams gather, best practices and creative problem solving abound. Interestingly, during these brainstorming and troubleshooting sessions, the same challenges arise, despite geography and industry constraints.

Join Simpplr for an interactive discussion on the top 5 frustrating things IC teams face – and ways IT and tech can help. During this discussion you’ll learn:

  • The 5 things that most annoy IC teams
  • Creative ways to solve those challenges with tech & IT
  • Best practices for building relationships across the organization

About Presenters


Carolyn Clark

Employee Experience Strategy & Transformation

Carolyn Clark is the Vice President of Employee Experience Strategy & Transformation of Simpplr, an employee experience platform. A seasoned leader, with deep roots in employee communications and employee experience, Carolyn joined to help Simpplr elevate the employee experience by driving innovation and reimagining how employee communication is delivered in today’s world.

Throughout her career, Clark has intentionally diversified her experience to all facets of communication. From producing broadcast news to consumer and product public relations, media relations and corporate communication. Before joining Simpplr, Clark led internal and HR communication at major tech companies including Yahoo, Oath (Verizon Media), Pandora, GoDaddy, and Opendoor. Clark has led countless transitions, navigated more crises than she can count, and shepherded thousands of employees through complex acquisitions and integrations. She has a passion for navigating difficult situations and an ability to drive employee experience strategy through complicated corporate issues.

Clark lives in North Carolina with her husband and energetic 8-year-old daughter.


Lana Truong

Product Marketing Manager 

Lana Truong is a former sales engineer turned product marketer. Having spent all of her professional career in software, she understands the importance of the end-user experience and innovation. At Simpplr, Lana is responsible for quarterly product launches, demo webinars, and creating content that informs leaders in internal communications, HR, and IT about the Simpplr platform. With a passion for technology and business, Lana brings a unique perspective to employee communications and engagement.


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