Beyond the Intranet: Developing your employee experience maturity path


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The intranet is a great tool for connecting with employees and sharing company information. What if you’re looking to do more? What’s the path beyond the intranet?

Differentiated employee experiences help create optimal work environments, where everyone flourishes. Creating a human-centric experience needs an integrated EX strategy, actionable insights, and delivery that empowers employees to feel productive and engaged.

Join Mike Baglietto, Simpplr’s employee experience expert, as he discusses how you can:

  • Evolve your intranet from an information-sharing tool into a key cultural driver
  • Deliver personalized content and measure reach and alignment
  • Facilitate meaningful engagement and capture contextual attitudes and sentiment
  • Plan for and adopt the 4 stages comprising employee experience transformation

About Presenters


Mike Baglietto

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Simpplr

Mike is a creative marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience developing marketing strategies, campaigns and content for addressing the needs of targeted audiences. His experience spans from product management and product marketing to demand generation and social media.


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