Engage and Retain Employees – Using the Company Intranet

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Engage and Retain Employees – Using the Company Intranet

It’s a tale as old as time: internal company resources just aren’t always a top priority. Especially when dealing with recruiting difficulties, employee retention issues, and the countless amount of paperwork requests.

But the truth is, focusing a little more energy on your intranet could actually solve all of those issues for you once and for all.

Watch this webinar to learn exactly how to rework your intranet communication strategy to enhance employee connection, increase engagement, and lower attrition rates.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to build an intranet communication plan that employees love
  • Ways to use the intranet to improve credibility and trust between employees and management,
  • How to stay ahead of the company rumor mill and create cohesive communication practices across departments,
  • Unexpected things your intranet can do to support your teams, and how to get started,
  • And much more.

Watch today and explore how to create engaging intranet processes that your employees will not only use but also value.

About Presenters


Julie Miller

Sr. Internal Communications Specialist, Simpplr

Julie is a natural brainstormer and communicator, with a flair for diagnosis. An analytical problem solver, skilled operator, and expert influencer that is constantly reframing the problem to design elegant, intuitive solutions. Julie leads Simpplr’s internal communications initiatives, and works closely with executives and employees to ensure streamlined and effective communications and process across the organization.


Mary Stern

VP, People Operations, Simpplr

Mary leads People Operations at Simpplr, and is a proven HR leader with more than 15 years’ experience building and developing high performance teams. Mary is an expert at collaborating with Executive and Senior Management to develop and implement new strategies and organizational structure to drive increased productivity and efficiencies.


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