Building Culture in the Digital Workplace


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Webinar Details

Many organizations invested heavily in the employee experience over the last 2 years to modernize technology and drive innovation. Learn how Workiva, a global cloud-based enterprise software-as-a-service platform, built out a digital workplace ecosystem to shape the organization’s employee communication experience.

Join Lauren Frandsen, Senior Manager of Internal Communications, and Chris Worrick, Corporate Communications Editor, as they share their learnings and how they plan to continue refining the intranet experience for a hybrid work environment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The role of technology in delivering a digital employee experience

  • How to transition to a new intranet

  • The importance of an employee-centric strategy

About The Presenters


Lauren Frandsen

Senior Manager of Internal Communications

Lauren Frandsen is the Senior Manager of Internal Communications at Workiva, the company that simplifies complex work for thousands of organizations worldwide. She is responsible for developing and leading internal communication strategies to inform, educate and engage employees. Lauren also serves as the chief editor for internal communications and develops creative content to help tell the story of the company and its employees. She strives to build internal avenues for all employees to make their voices heard.


Chris Worrick

Corporate Communications Editor

Chris Worrick is the Corporate Communications Editor at Workiva, the company that simplifies complex work for thousands of organizations worldwide. He is focused on driving engagement globally across all internal communication channels. Chris also oversees the Workiva intranet and collaborates with various teams and departments to create informative and interactive content for all employees.


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